A 22-year-old man dies stabbed in a brawl in Madrid | Madrid | The USA Print

A 22-year-old young man died in the early hours of this Sunday in Madrid after being stabbed in the chest with a knife, according to sources from Madrid 112 Emergencies. The event occurred at the doors of a nightclub on Bravo street Murillo, 276, after a brawl between several young people, according to police sources.

The emergency services, which performed a bilateral thoracotomy, reported that the victim had a heart injury. Despite working for 15 minutes to revive the man, Samur finally confirmed his death in the same place of the event. According to police sources, there was another boy with the young man, who was injured with a breach and was taken to a hospital. The National Police is investigating what happened and does not rule out any hypothesis, including that it is a matter of youth gangs.

The Madrid region registered 46 deaths by homicide in 2022, above the 37 that occurred in 2021 and 2020 and the 32 in 2019, according to provisional figures given at the end of last year by Europa Press. Of those deaths, 16 were due to stabbings and 6 were gang fights.

Another tragic night occurred in Madrid on February 22, with two deaths and three injuries in the region.

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