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Se calcula que uno de cada ocho estadounidenses compra boletos de lotería cada semana.

It is estimated that one in eight Americans buys lottery tickets each week.

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According to the news publication The Buffalo News, since 2018, winning New York Lottery tickets worth more than $833 million have expired because their winners have not claimed them.

By the end of March this year, there were around 5 million unclaimed lottery tickets, for a total of $78 million. Most of the unclaimed tickets are for small prizes, although there are some that are worth $1 million or more.

State officials are working together to make sure people who buy lottery tickets know they have one year to collect their prizes if they win.

We encourage all players to check their tickets so they don’t miss out on any prizes.. All New York Lottery tickets clearly state that prizes expire after one year,” said Lee Park, spokesman for the Gaming Commission.

“In addition, the Lottery website is regularly updated with instant win claim deadlines and remaining top prizes. The Lottery also publishes the deadlines in retail stores and through its monthly newsletter,” he added.

A lottery gaming researcher named Jonathan D. Cohen said that some players simply forget to check if their tickets are winning, others misplace the tickets, and still others don’t know that the tickets have an expiration date.

Winners may forget to check their tickets due to illness or family tragedy or other reasons.

Cohen estimated that one in eight Americans buys lottery tickets each week.

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