78-year-old woman is arrested after robbing a bank for the third time | The USA Print

78-year-old woman is arrested after robbing a bank for the third time

A 78-year-old woman has been arrested after robbing a bank in Missouri. In addition to her age, she highlighted the message she delivered to the cashier: “I didn’t mean to scare you.”

However, this is not the first time that the 78-year-old woman has carried out a robbery. At least two more times she was found guilty of the same action.

The first occurred in 1977 when he robbed a bank in California and the second in 2020, when he robbed a bank located in a suburb of Kansas City.

Of the latter, he was granted parole in November 2021.

As a result of the ongoing robbery, Bonnie Gooch was held on $25,000 bail, the Kansas City Star reported.

Goppert Financial Bank in Pleasant Hill / Google Maps

Following the robbery that occurred Wednesday in Pleasant Hill, authorities searched online records and found that there is no attorney for the 78-year-old woman.

Court documents pertinent to the current case indicate that she delivered a written message demanding “13,000 small bills” to the bank employee.

But it caught the attention of the authorities, that this message was accompanied by the words “Thank you, sorry, I didn’t mean to scare you.”

What happened during the robbery

Wearing a black N95 mask, black sunglasses and plastic gloves, the 78-year-old woman walked into the bank on April 5 and handed the teller a note.

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Surveillance footage shows Mrs Gooch at one point banging on the counter, ordering the cashier to hurry up.

Moments later, she is seen heading to her Buick Enclave with her disability registration attached to the vehicle.

Officers with the Pleasant Hill Missouri Police Department responded to calls of a “burglary in progress” around 3:20 p.m. local time.

Upon arrival, they found the 78-year-old woman in her vehicle, with a strong odor of alcohol and cash scattered on the floor, prosecutors said.

78-year-old woman is arrested after robbing a bank for the third time | The USA Print
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“When the officers approached her, they were a little confused… It’s a little old lady coming out,” Pleasant Hill Police Chief Tommy Wright told the Kansas City Star.

“At first we weren’t sure we had the right person.”

“Obviously it was a tense situation,” Wright told FOX 4 News from Kansas City.

First Women’s Bank in Tampa by Chispa Florida

“But when an elderly woman’s hands come out of the car and she’s the one driving the suspect vehicle, it’s a bit of a shock.”

This arrest took place just 2 miles away from the bank, so Gooch couldn’t go any further and didn’t have time to save the bills either.

“It’s very sad,” Wright said, also noting that the woman does not suffer from her mental faculties.

Even with this information, the department is trying to determine if any health factors could have contributed to the incident due to his age.

This is how the previous robbery happened

Police were informed of Gooch’s 2020 holdup by his son, who called them to say his mother was “crazy.”

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The man informed the police that Mrs. Gooch had a BB gun and a black wig, with which she was planning to rob a bank.

Half an hour later, officers responded to a robbery at a Bank of the West branch.

78-year-old woman is arrested after robbing a bank for the third time | The USA Print
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Bonnie Gooch and her previous robbery in 2020

75-year-old woman robs a bank in Lee’s Summit

Upon arriving at the scene, a teller informed the officers that a short woman with a wig had entered the bank and handed her a birthday card with a note.

The message read: “This is a robbery.”

Minutes after the robbery, police located Gooch’s car and she was arrested without incident, the Kansas City Star reported.

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