7 tips to improve the security of your email account | The USA Print

7 tips to improve the security of your email account
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7 tips to improve the security of your email account | The USA Print

One of the bases to operate safely on the Internet is to have a secure email account. Among other aspects, because it is an essential communication point for activity on the network. Therefore, it also corresponds to an easy target for cybercriminals to obtain information or access it to use it for different purposes.

To ensure that an email account is secure, a series of tips and recommendations must be followed to the letter. Many of them tend to be ignored by users, even though they could help prevent numerous problems related to account invasions and scams.

How to make your email account more secure?

It seems that it will never happen to one. Until it happens. Email account thefts happen on a daily basis and, as soon as you drop by on social networks, you will surely know of an acquaintance or user who has experienced it first-hand. The process to recover them is tedious, complicated and, above all, very stressful. So it is always best to avoid being in that situation. And, for this, the security of these accounts must be strengthened.

7 ways to get a more secure email account


Use unique passwords. Everyone knows about the importance of creating passwords that are unique for each account and with some complexity. However, not everyone respects this recommendation and it is a serious mistake.


Change the password from time to time. A strong password does not guarantee its effectiveness forever. The best way to increase protection is to change it periodically.


Activate security checks. Two-step confirmation and similar measures will help make it more difficult for cybercriminals to access that email account.


Do not open unknown attachments. Unless you are certain it was a trusted email address or something you expected to receive, it is advisable not to open documents and files of unknown origin. Instead, it should be deleted directly.



Make use of antivirus software and keep it updated. It is just as important to have this type of security help installed as it is to always keep it in its latest version.


Log out after each use.

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