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With the Covid 19 pandemic, most companies are switching to the digitalization of their activities. This digital transformation continues so far that specialized profiles in the field are in high demand on the market. On the other hand, the digital market remains spared vis-à-vis a worrying economic situation in an international context with inflationary tendencies, impacted by the energy crisis and monetary tightening. Demand has therefore never been so strong, leading to higher wages in the sector for years to come. So what opportunities does the digital marketing industry offer for 2023?

A valuation of 7% on average

Studies have shown that 85% of French companies are planning wage increases for this year 2023.

In the digital sector, the recruitment firm Robert Walters, for example, mentioned salary increases of 7% in most digital marketing professions. The firm Robert Half also confirms this hypothesis. According to his latest pay study, he foresees notable increases for the majority of the functions of the digital sector.

A high upgrade rate for key positions

With the inflationary context that is pushing executives to ask for a salary increase, the digital marketing sector is also concerned. In France, the market ranks second in terms of professions that pay young workers the best after lawyers, according to Walters People.

This same study on remuneration in 2023 confirms salary increases in IT, in particular for data analysts, a profile highly sought after by companies who are ready to pay a high price to obtain the best candidates.

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The most significant increases are planned for jobs relating to information and data systems. The Data Scientist is in the lead with an increase of 19% expected for a profile justifying 5 to 10 years of experience. Confirmed project managers with more than 15 years of experience and Lead Data Scientists with 10 years of experience follow closely with more than 14% expected increase.

Some positions also stand out in terms of salary progression. This is particularly the case of the e-commerce director with an estimated revaluation of more than 13% for a profile justifying 6 to 12 years of experience and of the digital director at 9% for profiles with 10 to 15 years of experience. experience.

Almost all positions are affected by the increase

The webmarketing sector brings together several professions, including the SEO referrer, the Community manager, the Data scientist, the Digital project manager or the Webdesigner.

According to a study by PageGroup, digital and marketing profiles such as experts in web development, content management or data science will be highly sought after in the world of work for this new year 2023. According to Robert Walters, experienced data scientists are in the lead as well as IT project managers. Developers, product designers, network administrators or even cyber specialists are also experiencing strong demand on the market, according to the firm Robert Half.

Other profiles are also concerned by the salary increase according to Robert Walters such as:

  • Digital/Data: Lead data scientist, Data project manager
  • Business IT/ERP: ERP project manager, Domain manager
  • Technical: IT architect, Cyber ​​security consultant
  • Support functions: IT project manager, Program manager
  • Top management: Chief digital officer, Chief information officer, Chief information security officer, Chief technical officer.
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A promising and recruiting sector

Despite the current economic context, digital marketing remains a promising sector. In 2022, it records the highest salaries, a trend that will continue in 2023. 44% of technology experts expect a salary increase for this new year while 90% of them are confident about job opportunities. employment in the field.

Other studies have shown that 89% of IT departments plan to recruit in the coming months. Nearly 31% even foresee the creation of new positions. However, the lack of technical and qualified profiles is felt, leading to increased competition. It is indeed more and more difficult to recruit for this year compared to 2022. Some companies are even concerned about their ability to attract the best profiles, hence an inevitable increase in salaries to attract talent.

In addition, job offers on IT profiles increased to more than 59% in 2022 compared to 2021. They reached 77% for professions in data and 62% for project managers.

According to the firm Robert Half, a beginner development engineer will obtain €40,000 gross annual salary in 2023, which can go up to €60,000 for the most experienced. Lead developers will receive between €55,000 and €80,000. Trades that operate in the administration of systems and networks as well as in the design of products will benefit from remuneration between 40,000 and more than 55,000 € depending on experience.

A lack of staff and profiles in the field

The salary increase planned for this year 2023 in the digital marketing professions is also explained by the lack of staff. in the area. According to INSEE, “70% of companies struggle to recruit new talent in the digital sector”.

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Due to high demand, recruiters compete for the best profiles by offering higher salaries. Aware of the reality, candidates are also difficult to seduce, especially since the IT market is completely spared by the current alarming economic situation.

Companies are thus looking to build a solid team to support them in their digital transformation and growth, so some do not hesitate to implement recruitment strategies such as:

  • Provide an attractive workplace;
  • Provide opportunities for professional development;
  • Provide work opportunities at flexible hours or remotely;
  • Offer bonuses.

Others are even opening up more and more towards junior profiles who justify a first work-study experience. As you will have understood, the digital world is a recruiting sector. Demand is far greater than supply, so companies are snapping up the best profiles. Raising wages is therefore essential to attract and retain them. Besides raising salaries, some companies are even opting for other strategies to attract the right candidates. If the average revaluation envisaged is 7% for this year 2023, certain positions will be able to benefit from a greater increase due to a key occupation.

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