607 Catalans took their own lives in 2022, 5% more | The USA Print

607 Catalans took their own lives in 2022, 5% more

A total of 607 catalans committed suicide in 2022, 5% more than in 2021, when a total of 576 took their lives. These figures reflect that death by suicide, a public health problem, continues to rise The good news is that, despite these deaths, suicide attempts in Catalonia were reduced, in the general population, by 2.9% during the first semester of this 2023 compared to the same semester of 2022.

They are data from the Codi Risc Suïcidi presented by the Ministry of Health this Thursday on the occasion of the Suicide Prevention Day, which is celebrated next Sunday, September 10. According to this analysis, the 61% of those who died by suicide last year in Catalonia had between 30 and 64 years and 26%, between 61 and 95 years. The majority, 72%, were men.

Help telephone numbers

He suicide have a multifactorial Origin, not a single cause. it’s a death preventable and there are places to find help. Some free phones in case of suicidal behavior are, in Catalonia, he 061 and, throughout Spain, he 024. He Barcelona’s town hall has a suicide hotline (900 925 555) who answers calls from other communities. The Hope Phone (717 003 717) also offers assistance.

The suicide casuistry It has its complexity. Men commit suicide more but women have double of attempts than they. That is, they die less by suicide, but they try it more times. The man in general the experts explain kill more: to other people, but also to himself. Is more violent.

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With the outbreak of covid-19, the suicide attempts were specially shot at very young women, between 12 and 25 years old. Some psychologists associated it with excessive use of social media Yet the aesthetic pressure. Not only suicide attempts in girls and adolescents rose exponentially, but also other mental health problems such as eating disorders (TCA). Now, finally, the suicide attempts (not suicides) seems to be starting to drop, although it remains to be seen if this trend continues in the coming months.

“[Los intentos de suicidio en mujeres jóvenes] It was something that worried us a lot,” he said at a press conference Diego Palao, coordinator of Suicide prevention plan in Catalonia (Plapresc) and director of Mental Health of the Parc Taulí Hospital in Sabadell. In the first semester of this 2023, suicide attempts decreased by 2.9% in the global population. Especially significant was the decrease in women (7.8% less) and above all, in women between 12 and 25 years: a 10% less.

The same has not happened with death by suicide, which continues to increase. “Since Salut we have not been able to reduce suicides” has recognized Palau, although Catalonia has a lower average death by suicide than Spain. Among the actions that Salut has carried out to reinforce the prevention of suicide (“a stigmatized and preventable death”, this doctor has specified) are the incorporation of survivors (people who lose a loved one by suicide) to attention, collaboration with the Department of Justice to know “in real time” the suicides that occur and the elaboration of guides in the educational and penitentiary fields and in the General Directorate for Child and Adolescent Care (DGAIA).

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More suicidal ideations

Despite the fact that suicide attempts have decreased this first semester, suicidal ideation has risen by 8.7%. The suicidal ideation It is not the same as a suicide attempt. Ideating is not the same as trying. In fact, ideation is usually the first step before attempting, as you have remembered Cecilia Borras, President of the Després del Suïcidi association. “Therefore, if we can identify it, we can prevent it,” has said. Detecting ideations quickly is the key.

Although there are many degrees of suicidal ideation, those registered by the Codi Risc Suïcidi are “high-risk”. According to Palao, this increase in suicidal ideation is explained because each time more cases of early ideation are detected, at the beginning, when the attempt has not yet been made. Thus, this rise of 8.7% of ideations is, therefore, good news. Borràs has celebrated the commemoration of a day for the prevention of suicide, something “impossible” 10 years ago.

061 Hello Respond

Related news

In addition, the ‘conselleria’ has also presented figures on the first year of the Suïcidi Prevention Table-061. Catalonia set up a suicide hotline a year ago within 061, available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Since then there have been 12,094 queries. He profile the most consultation is that of a woman (she is the one who calls in 59% of the cases).

The ‘councillor’ of Health, Manel Balcells, has considered that each case of suicide “is the confirmation of failure. Catalonia has recently created the Suïcidi Prevention Observatory whose objective is epidemiological surveillance and evaluation and monitoring of Plapresc.

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