6 ways to improve the security of your Telegram account | The USA Print

6 ways to improve the security of your Telegram account
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6 ways to improve the security of your Telegram account | The USA Print

Although in Spain the instant messaging application that reigns over all others is WhatsApp, Telegram can turn out to be a very interesting alternative or complement. Launched for the first time for free at the end of 2013, Telegram’s functions go further, since it is also used for the different forms of communication it offers, for buying and selling, downloading files and to make use of some of its useful tools. For example, to create bots. However, what about security?

As always happens on the Internet, the privacy and protection of devices can be compromised to some extent if careful and responsible browsing is not carried out. In any case, it will be of great help to take into account a series of tips with which to increase the security of a Telegram account.

How to improve security and privacy on Telegram?

Telegram’s basic security is better than that of other instant messaging applications, such as WhatsApp. However, it can always be improved. To do this, you only have to make these settings.

The 6 tips to have a more secure Telegram account


Hide the phone number. One of the main recommendations is to activate the option to make the phone number private. You can choose between only being visible to contacts or nobody.


Set an access code. If you do not want anyone with access to your mobile to freely enter the Telegram application, you just have to activate an unlock code.


Resort to secret chats. The difference between a normal Telegram chat and a secret one is that the first one is not fully encrypted, Telegram itself can access those messages, although not third parties. Instead, the secret chat is completely encrypted. To open one, you only have to choose that option when selecting the name of a contact.


Delete old profile pictures. Changing the photo of the account in Telegram means that the old one is saved and can be seen by other users. However, it can be avoided by deleting the photos or limiting their access from the Settings tab.


Activate two-step verification. A recommendation made by security experts is to always activate this type of security barrier. In the case of Telegram it was not going to be less. This adds extra protection and makes the task of usurping or entering the account by third parties more difficult.


Deactivate sessions. When entering from different devices in the Telegram account, a session is opened. And this increases the risk on the security of the account. It is best to only keep the session open from one or two devices, which are your own and are used regularly. The rest must be closed.

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