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Web writing is more than writing without mistakes and a writing style that is pleasant to read. Here are six tips to keep in mind to help you elevate your web content to the top quality that will get you clicks…

Know your goal and write to achieve it

The first step to writing great content is knowing the purpose of what you need to create.

For example, if the goal is to offer a number of tips for success in the field of web writing: we do not write the same content as if the goal is to sell a product or write a blog on the pediatrics.

By making sure you understand your purpose, you can better tailor your content to the target audience.

If you want to sell a truck, you won’t write the same way as if you want to inform the public about the benefits of brushing your teeth.

Before writing the first word, you should be able to explain:

  • Who is the content for?
  • What is the purpose of it (to inform, to sell, etc.)?
  • What is the main subject?

If you can’t articulate one of his three ideas, plan a little more before moving on to writing.

Build and follow an editorial charter

Whether you work on a particular site or have several projects that coexist, the establishment of an editorial charter is one of the most important keys to success in the world of web writing.

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An editorial charter is a document that defines and details the rules for writing content for a particular project. For example, the numerous articles of a commercial blog usually follow the same editorial charter.

You may know it by other names, such as “editorial guide” or, more simply, “editorial rules”. No matter what name you give it, its importance remains the same.

If you intend to work on a web writing project for your own website, you should first establish an editorial charter, especially if several writers will be collaborating on this project.

The editorial charter governs several aspects of writing, such as writing style, tone, SEO strategies or choice of subject.

Sometimes you will be provided with a pre-established editorial guide, other times you will have a little more freedom.

For situations where the client is less specific in their request, it may be useful to have a pre-established editorial charter for the types of content you often write. This practice will save you time and allow you to offer consistent quality.

It all starts with a good title and a catchy introduction

Your editorial content could be the most interesting thing that was ever written and it wouldn’t be worth anything if your headline and your intro are not able to grab the attention of readers.

First of all, your title should be simple and clearly state what the content is about.

It’s no coincidence that we see so many titles that promise a clear number of tips, tricks, things to know or other form of editorial content that promises to be easily digestible.

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Next, your introduction should be short, but should clearly summarize the information found in the article.

In short, a successful title and introduction clearly explains the article in a way that is as easy to understand as possible.

A catchy introduction will capture your audience’s attention.

Speak in a concise and airy way

Complex words and long paragraphs have their place in the big world of writing, but this one doesn’t belong in web copywriting.

On the web, most Internet users tend to read diagonally, which means that information should be easy to find and easy to understand.

To encourage this form of reading, short paragraphs and simple words are preferable. It is this style of writing that you can observe in this article.

Use tables, bullet points and other items to highlight information

Important data and other interesting information should not get lost in the text.

Several options are available to you. You can use tables, bulleted lists, charts, or other visual elements that stand out from the text.

For example, the bulleted list offers several advantages, such as:

  • It highlights interesting information;
  • It lightens the text by avoiding long lists;
  • It is easy to write;
  • And much more ! For example, insinuating that there are several other interesting facts that you did not express in your list.

Create content that aims for good SEO

It would be impossible to offer a list of good advice about web writing without mentioning SEO.

SEO, often known by the acronym SEO, which comes from the English term search engine optimization, is the idea that one writes content for search engines. This means that search tools like Google can more easily find our content and offer it to Internet users.

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When creating content that aims for good SEO, you can target several aspects of optimization, such as:

  • Interesting titles;
  • Frequent use of keywords;
  • Logical markup, which allows coherent organization of information for search algorithms;
  • Hyperlinks that lead to interesting content, etc.

Finally, since Google has introduced several factors that seek to maximize the user experience, it is also important that your content offers good quality.

Indeed, if the Internet user quickly leaves your content, the search engines will recommend it less the next times that Internet users will make similar requests.

While it is therefore important to follow editorial guidelines, SEO guides and other professional tools that help web writing, it is equally crucial to create content that is pleasant to read.

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