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Getting more users means being able to target a larger market share. However, this also means increased competition, as all efforts are concentrated on a number of high-performing social networks. This can quickly translate into content saturation, user engagement fatigue, and budget overruns. So let’s take a look at where best to focus your marketing efforts when it comes to social media in 2023…

But before that, let’s see some key figures to understand the importance of social networks for your digital marketing strategy in 2023. The use of social networks is on the rise and growing constantly with more than 4.74 billion active users, which represents an increase of 4.2% compared to the number of users reported the previous year. This means that 59.3% of the world’s population is active on social media. The pandemic that began in 2020 is undoubtedly responsible, at least in part, for the large number of users on social networks.

So what social media trends to follow in 2023?

1. User-generated content will increase

Stackla recently revealed that 88% of consumers identify authenticity and relatability as key decision factors when it comes to their choice to complete in-app purchases and engage with brands. The era of user-generated content (UGC) has arrived: reviews, tutorials and product reviews posted on social media have put consumers in the role of influencer. It makes sense that real consumer reviews are more likely to resonate with other like-minded users. 2023 will therefore be the year to dive deeper into winning over consumers with these authentic consumer experiences.

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2. The rise of TikTok SEO

When one of Google’s senior vice presidents says that about 40% of Gen Zers turn to TikTok or Instagram when looking for a place to eat, it’s clear that social media is on the ground of search engines belonging to Google.

TikTok is already prioritizing search by releasing new features such as a “local” feed for nearby search results and improving existing ones, such as increasing their caption limit to 2,200 characters for better research. They are also testing a dedicated shop feed with a search bar and different shopping categories.

So always keep an eye out for the latest releases of search features in the coming year and optimize your branded content accordingly to place it at the top of TikTok’s search results pages. TikTok SEO done right can also bring visibility on Google as TikTok videos appear more and more on search results pages.

3. “Nano-influencer marketing” will grow by leaps and bounds

Although the primary purpose of engaging with an “influencer” is to sell products/services, that is not the only purpose. Today’s self-aware customers want to engage with brands and, by extension, influencers who bring substance, authenticity and trust to the marketing mix.

Additionally, brands need to steer clear of “fake influencers” and ensure their social media strategy doesn’t turn into a mindless “Like” game.

So follow a more “community” approach and engage with nano-influencers (1,000 to 5,000 followers) who bring value and embody the tone, voice and values ​​of the brand; instead of opting for the most “popular” choice (which has long been the norm, but may or may not have been effective).

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4. Predictive analytics will disrupt marketing

Predictive analytics is not new. It has been used in underwriting and credit scoring for several years, using existing big data to predict potential future outcomes.

We will see more and more marketing and social media professionals begin to integrate predictive analytics into their processes. Social listening can deliver big data quickly and easily, and now we’ll see AI capabilities catching up to deliver accurate and valuable predictions.

Towards the end of 2022 and beyond, it is very clear that we will see an increase in social media shopping. TikTok in particular streams content from creators promoting their TikTok store, as well as paid content. It has been (and will continue to be) a hub for brands to compete with organic content marketing. Live stream, TikTok store and paid ads… Guess what will be pushed in 2023? Anything that will make more money. We can’t say we didn’t expect it, because it was only a matter of time for it to happen.

6. Short video content will reign supreme

A recent report published by eMarketer reveals that video content accounts for more than half of time spent on social media. Blazing from 2022 to 2023, short-form video is a trend that will star in most, if not all, social media strategies for the next year.

Short video would most likely remain a big trend, as it offers users small-sized content in an eye-catching format, which tends to shorten attention span and consume more information. Additionally, for marketers, short videos are significantly easier and faster to produce than long videos.

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The social media landscape changes every year as new trends emerge, and some of the existing ones carry over into the future. So always stay on the lookout for these trends to optimize your digital marketing strategy.

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