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La discriminación por la apariencia física desanima a las personas a ir a trabajar.

ResumeBuilder.com, the online resume site, surveyed 1,000 American workers to find out if they had experienced discrimination in the workplace because of their height, weight, or level of attractiveness.

The results showed that 36% of working Americans have experienced one of these forms of discriminationand that 6 out of 10 overweight workers have experienced discrimination because of their weight.

In the United States, workplace discrimination based on a person’s height, weight, or attractiveness is not currently covered by federal law.”, says the ResumeBuilder.com report. “Few cities, including most recently New York City, which is expected to pass a bill next month that would make it illegal for employers to discriminate based on weight, have taken steps to protect employees from these types of issues.

Among the results of the survey it was found that:

Half of all working Americans are concerned about how others perceive their physical appearance in the workplace.

· In general, 6 in 10 overweight workers have faced some form of weight discrimination26% a discrimination based on the level of physical attractiveness and 12% a discrimination based on height.

· Those who self-identify as obese or unattractive were more likely to say they experienced discrimination based on weight or physical attractiveness.

As a result of discrimination, employees’ careers and mental health took a hit.

· 1 in 12 say they are concerned about how their physical appearance is perceived prevents them from wanting to go to the office more.

· In general, 23% of respondents believe that “definitely” (7%) or “probably” (17%) have been discriminated against due to their attractive or unattractive physical appearance.

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· 12% of respondents believe that “definitely” (4%) or “probably” (8%) have been discriminated against because of their height.

“Based on the results of the survey, it is clear that too many people experience discrimination based on physical appearance in the workplacesays Senior Career Advisor Stacie Haller.

“As organizations continue to improve opportunities for all by addressing discrimination issues, they should also consider discrimination based on physical appearance. Awareness is called for here with over a third of respondents saying they have experienced this bias. The government must also step in and protect employees, as they it is unacceptable for workers to be treated unfairly because of their weight, height or attractiveness. Some local governments are starting to address this issue,” Haller added.

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