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5 super complete alternatives to Google Docs

Online word processors such as Google Docs facilitate collaborative work by allowing you to edit a document at a time or share it with multiple users

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Google Docs is possibly one of the most widely used word processors in the world. Its infinite possibilities make life easier for those who want to write and work on the same document simultaneously, always have any manuscript available or share the text online with different users. To be able to use Google Docs you simply have to have a Gmail email account and Google is in charge of providing you with all its tools (Google Sheet, Google Meet, Google Slides, Google Forms, Google Docs…). But since man does not only live on Google Docs, we show you some very complete platforms or tools that are worth using as an alternative to Google Docs

Alternatives to Google Docs

Microsoft Office

microsoftoffice account has all its services and tools available in the cloud. Microsoft Word, Excel, One Note… It allows you to edit any text with an internet connection, edit it or share it online. A very effective function for all those who work on the same project.


When you enter OnlyOffice it will appear that you are in the same Microsoft Word. With an intuitive and simple design, OnlyOffice is defined as the ‘most complete office suite’. It is not for less. Allows you to view, edit or share documents, create forms, or convert documents into HTML language. Among its advantages, the integrated chat to talk with the collaborators of the document stands out and is available in a web, mobile or desktop version for both Android and iOS devices.

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This software is nothing more than a platform that allows different teams to work with online documents, flowcharts, projects, mind maps or word processors. whimsical defines its own service as a combination of “all-in-one whiteboards and documents in a single collaboration hub.”

Zoho Docs

Within the Zoho company and the multitude of services they offer, we find integrated Zoho Docs. It is an online document manager that is integrated within Zoho’s own software that allows you to create, edit, view, download, store or share with other users of the same software. If your team is less than 25 users you can use Zoho Docs for free.


This collaborative software is intended for Salesforce customers and allows you to create, edit, and share documents online. Quip In addition to having an integrated word processor, it offers a virtual private cloud, spreadsheets, and chats for dynamic teamwork.

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