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2023 represents a year of opportunity where new markets and needs will allow online business to be more successful. For those who want to create a business that pays off, excellent work prospects, with professional flexibility and better control of income are looming, you’ve come to the right place! These 5 interesting, viable and feasible online business options will certainly give you some good ideas…

Despite the global economic crisis, several areas require labor and skills. The number of websites, for example, has increased by almost 10% since the pandemic, with an internet usage rate in France of 93% (around 60.92 million users) in 2022 alone. is huge and really promising to launch your online business!

Offer services in web development

For optimal management of websites, web development remains very popular with companies. Moreover, it is the most sought-after job in France in 2021.

I’Afnic or French Association for Internet Naming revealed that in 2022, 364 million domain names had been registered worldwide, and that number was increasing each year by approximately 1%. All over the world, web developers therefore find themselves in great demand for their versatility in various programming languages ​​​​HTML, JavaScript, CSS or Python.

Besides, becoming a WordPress site designer is also a great option, with 60 million active sites worldwide. Especially since its new features offer many free resources to help you learn or improve your skills.

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If you start with an up-to-date portfolio, you can have a good chance of seeing several offers land on your inbox.

Offer services as a freelancer

Part-time jobs, telecommuting, and being self-employed or freelance are booming, a situation especially boosted by the context of COVID19. Whether you are an expert in web development, web design, e-commerce, computer graphics, consulting, business systems, training or other, freelancing opens the way to many opportunities.

If you are versatile, able to manage several projects simultaneously, maintain professional relationships with clients, the position of virtual assistant is surely for you. Among the positions with varied skills ranging from IT to office automation and focused on new technologies, the job of web editor specializing in EMS, computer graphics or even transcription or translation also attracts a lot of people.

With freelancing, you will be able to enjoy a freedom over the management of your schedule that you will not find anywhere to exploit your skills and your talents in order to offer services to customers online. Plus, there’s no need to go through complicated paperwork or get a bank loan to get started.

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Launch an e-commerce store

Since the advent of online shopping, many e-commerce sites have emerged to meet the needs of consumers who have become more demanding. The possibilities offered by digital stores are numerous: food products, clothing, etc. E-commerce represents a sector with a future, but always keep up to date with current requirements. For this, do not hesitate to train yourself by following this course certifying “Developing your activity with webmarketing”. It prepares you to implement an effective web marketing strategy adapted to your target and your marketing objectives.

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Once you have decided on an industry and products to sell, draw up the buyer persona of your ideal customer. You will feed it by adding the products and services you want to offer.

With the implementation of a suitable strategy, you can find customers on social networks, for example, and generate traffic to your website. Once your e-commerce site is open, you will need to ensure that you maintain customer satisfaction, manage inventory, and promote your business well.

Create mobile apps

With over 60.1% of online purchases made through a mobile device, iOS mobile app development and Android is on the rise. While downloads of mobile applications reached 12 billion by mobile users, an increase of more than 5.5% was recorded in 2022. In 2023, this upward trend will increase even more.

Thus, the creation of mobile applications is a sector of the future and can be facilitated by the use of tools like AppyPie and AppSheet, even for novices in coding. Nevertheless, it remains important to have the necessary technical skills in the field.

Become a blog pro

Going professional in blogging is also an increasingly popular option. There are several topics that you can cover on your blog, the topics generally of interest to readers being health, sports, fashion, travel and tourism, cooking, news, and DIY.

Once you find the subject or area that inspires you, you can start writing articles regularly, offering useful and quality information. As soon as you have acquired visitors, you will be able to generate income thanks in particular to online advertising, sponsorship, affiliate marketing, the sale of products and services or even training.

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Moreover, it is possible to replace your blog into an e-learning website to offer online courses. By building subscriptions and adding programs to your roster frequently, your business will more than pay for itself.

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