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5 movies available on HBO Max to celebrate Spanish Film Day

In order to value and promote the national film industrylast year from the Ministry of Culture and Sports it was decreed that on October 6 the Spanish Film Day. A decision born in part from the debacle in the theaters caused by the coronavirus pandemic. Today, we celebrate the second edition of this festivity that was specifically established on this day because it was October 6 when Luís García Berlanga and Juan Antonio Bardem finished filming. that happy couple. On the occasion of the recent consideration of the national cinema, we review some of The best Spanish movies available on HBO Max:

1-‘Football days’

‘Football days’ (Telespan 2000)

Soccer is something so deeply rooted in Spanish culture that a production like this seems the ideal to celebrate Spanish Film Day. Soccer Days was a milestone at the box office in 2003, reaching grossing €12 million. In this comedy, a group of friends who are not happy with their lives decide that the best way to get back on track with their sad routine is to put together the soccer team they had when they were young and finally, win at something in your life.

2-‘Open your eyes’

‘Open your eyes’ (Lucky Red)

Open your eyes It is a famous story in Spanish science fiction. Alejandro Amenábar’s proposal had a great impact abroad, even receiving an American remake starring Tom Cruise and directed by Cameron Crowe. Eduardo Noriega is César, a young man who has inherited a great fortune from his parents and who enjoys luxurious parties. However, after a car accident his face is horribly disfigured.

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3-‘The good star’

‘The good star’ (Enrique Cerezo CP)

Antonio Resines won the Goya for his role as Rafael, a butcher who leads a sad and lonely life. One night he helps a one-eyed girl from his boyfriend, an abuser. What begins as an act of good faith ends in the meeting of two people who can finally achieve what they most desire: build a family.

4-‘In exchange for nothing’

Spanish Film Day
‘In exchange for nothing’ (El Niño Productions)

This drama about adolescence revealed several things to us. The first that Daniel Guzman He was, in addition to a good actor, a filmmaker with a lot to say. And the second, he gave us the opportunity to see for the first time to Miguel Herrán. Before La casa de papel, Élite or the recent Modelo 77, Herrán took the Goya to best new actor thanks to for nothing.


Spanish Film Day
‘Truman’ (Impossible Films)

The simplicity of Cesc Gay’s work could go unnoticed under the work of two titans such as Ricardo Darín and Javier Cámarabut the truth is that Truman reflects with nostalgia the passage of time and the acceptance of goodbyes as an act of courage and maturity.