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3D images of the Titanic revealed

This Wednesday the first real-size digital scan of the titanicwhich shows the famous ocean liner that sank in 1912 like never before.

The 3D visualization of the boat, which presents it as if all the water had been drained, was achieved with the technique of mapping from the sea floor, according to the British media BBC News.

The researchers hope that the new images of the titanicwhich lies 3,800 meters deep in the Atlantic Ocean, reveal exactly what happened to the steel giant as it set out on its maiden voyage from Southampton, England to New York, USA.

“There are still questions, basic questions, about the ship that need to be answered”told BBC News the specialist of the titanicParks Stephenson.

Stephenson explained that the three-dimensional model was “one of the first major steps in moving the Titanic story toward evidence-based research, and it’s not speculation”highlights the middle.

He titanicwhose remains were discovered in 1985, has never been fully explored, due to its large size and the penumbra of the depths, which has only allowed limited photos of the decaying structure and not of its full extent.

In the new images revealed by the scan, you can see the wrecked ship in its entirety and a complete panorama of the titanicwhich lies divided into two parts, the bow and stern are about 800 meters apart with remnants of debris around them and covered in algae.

The work of mapping It was made in the summer of last year by the company Magellan Ltd and Atlantic Productions, which produces a documentary about the project, which took more than 200 hours of work for the team that controlled remotely from a specialized ship some submersibles that scanned the ship in its entire length and width.

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In the end, more than 700,000 images were taken from all angles.creating an exact three-dimensional reconstruction of the boat.

Scan Details

The scan of the ocean liner, the largest passenger ship at the end of its construction, shows both the magnitude of the creation and tiny details, such as the serial number on one of the propellers, the BBC highlights.

The bow of the ship, despite the effect of the saline water on its iron bars, is still recognizable more than 100 years after the shipwreck. One of the images shows the roof with a huge hole, left by the large staircase that was there.

With the stern it’s a bit more confusing, as this part fell apart as it sank towards the seabed.

Around the ship are debris including forged metal from the ship, statues, still-corked champagne bottles, as well as personal items.

“It allows you to see the wreck like you would never have seen it from a submersible, and you can see the wreck in its entirety, you can see it in context and in perspective. And what it shows you now is the true state of the wreck”said Parks Stephenson, who has studied the titanic for several years and hopes that the study of the scans will serve to find out what happened on the night of April 14, 1912.

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“We really don’t understand the nature of the collision with the iceberg. We don’t even know if it hit her sideways on the starboard side, as they show in all the movies. She could have run aground on the iceberg.”he explained.

Stephenson believes that analyzing the stern could shed light on how the ship fell with the seabed.

Despite the fact that the time spent under the sea is taking its toll on the titanic: microbes eat away at its great structure and some parts are disintegrating; And time is running out for researchers seeking to unravel this maritime disaster, the current scan “freezes” the wreck and will allow every detail to be scrutinized.

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