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Some applications help us find the offer and thus reduce the cost of the purchase

Shopping basket

The shopping basket has become more expensive in the last year by up to 21%

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With inflation rising – last February it stood at 6.1% – and the prices of basic goods through the roof, families are juggling to be able to save and reduce the cost of the shopping basket. During 2022, the price of the shopping basket increased by 21.6%. With this context, it is not surprising that some tricks are used, such as going shopping late in the day to be able to take advantage of the discount on some items to purchase private label products. Any option is good if you get the best price with it. In addition to these tricks, there are some apps that find us the most competitive price on basic goods. Next, we recommend some apps to save in the shopping cart.

Apps to save in the supermarket

In addition to the apps of the large supermarkets where they launch discounts, offers or promotions for their members, there are other applications that can help us find the cheapest product and reduce purchase receipts.



One of the applications most used by all those who are looking for a ‘bargain’ in the shopping cart is, without a doubt, Ofertia. By downloading its application you will be able to select your favorite stores within its extensive catalog of stores. You will find from well-known supermarkets, large clothing chains, perfumeries or fast food restaurants. The application will show you the promotions that the stores closest to your location have and even allows you to categorize the offers by products or brands.

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SoySuper is another application whose purpose is to make us “save money easily and quickly” as spread in his web page. It is an online supermarket comparator. Through a search engine, you enter the product you want to buy and the platform automatically makes a comparison of the prices of the item in different food chains. One of its disadvantages is that it only makes a comparison between some department stores.



This app has a database of more than “150,000 food and drug products” affirm from the Organization of Consumers and Users (OCU). Its app, OCUMarket, informs you of the products closest to your location and offers you the average online price. One of its benefits is that it also provides users with detailed product information, such as whether or not a food contains additives.

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