260 years in prison and 10 life sentences: sentence to Halloween terrorist who killed 8 people in New York, most of them Hispanic | The USA Print

Sayfullo Saipov es nativo de Uzbekistán.

Sayfullo Saipov is a native of Uzbekistan.

Photo: St. Charles County Department of Corrections/Getty Images

Sayfullo Saipov, an Islamic extremist, was sentenced yesterday to 10 life sentences and also 260 years in prison for fatally running over eight people -mostly Hispanic tourists- and seriously injuring 18 other pedestrians on Halloween 2017 in Lower Manhattan.

“The conduct in this case is some of the worst, if not the worst, I have ever seen,” said US District Judge Vernon S. Broderick. Five Argentine tourists, two Americans and a Belgian woman died, and 18 others were seriously injured, he recalled. Fox News.

Saipov (35) is a citizen of Uzbekistan and a former resident of New Jersey. Having the opportunity to speak in court, he said that the tears of victims and relatives in the room were small compared to what those who profess the Islamic faith have suffered.

Saipov’s sentencing came after a jury in March rejected the death penalty. for him, leaving him with a mandatory life sentence for the killing of the October 31, 2017.

Family members of the eight people killed in the Halloween terror attack spoke at times through tears during the sentencing, describing their lingering grief and sometimes speaking directly to the defendant.

His lawyer, David Patton, told the jury that his actions were “senseless, horrific, and there is no justification for them.”

Marion Van Reeth, who he lost his legs in the attack, He sat across from Saipov in his wheelchair and told him, “I’ll never be able to walk like you.”

“Saipov is a shameless terrorist, a proud killer who deserves no leniency and must be punished with all the rigor of the law,” the prosecutors wrote in their sentencing request to the judge.

Broderick followed the prosecution’s recommendation, imposing eight consecutive life sentences and two concurrently, although the practical effect of a single life sentence is the same as there is no parole.

Saipov, a former long-haul truck driver, immigrated to the US legally from Uzbekistan in 2010 through the visa lottery and he lived in Ohio and Florida before joining his family in Paterson, New Jersey.

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