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La embarcación fue detectada por el Sistema de Control de Tráfico y Vigilancia Marítima en San Andrés.

The vessel was detected by the Traffic Control and Maritime Surveillance System in San Andrés.

Photo: DANILO GOMEZ/AFP/Getty Images

This Sunday the Colombian Navy sent 26 immigrants, including Venezuelans, Ecuadorians and Chinese and nine minors, who were sailing illegally in a boat near the coast of the Colombian island of San Andrés towards Central America.

The vessel was detected by the Traffic Control and Maritime Surveillance System in San Andrés, which alerted the Rapid Reaction Unit of the coast guard station. The vessel was taken by the Navy to the main dock of the San Andrés Coast Guard and the rescued were made available to Colombia Migration.

The authorities of the International Organization for Migration (IOM) are most concerned in the Caribbean region about the disappearances of people due to shipwrecks caused by failures of the boats, which most of the time are in terrible conditions. “Nine minors were among these safeguarded people, who were transported in a boat without the minimum security conditions“said the Colombian authorities.

According to the figures registered in during the last two years by the IOM at least 1,338 have died during the journey that involves migrating without adequate resourceswhich would be the highest figure recorded since 2014.

In addition to that, immigrants who traveled to the Panamanian jungle of Darién to go to the United States exceed the figures for the first quarter of 2022 so far this year, reaching almost 90,000 people. A report published by the National Migration Service (SNM) last March stated that there is a significant and worrying increase for the immigration authorities in Central America.

Among the nationalities of the immigrants who have crossed the Darién this year, those of Venezuela with a total as of March 31 of 30,250, followed by Haiti with 23,640; Ecuadorwith 14,227; China3,855; India2,543; Chili2,499; Colombia2,230; Brazil2,072; Afghanistan,926; Cameroon532; Somalia, 444; and Peru400.

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