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A member of the Mara Salvatrucha (MS-13), Marvin Moralez, was sentenced to serve 23 years to life in prison for the murder of a young man whom they perceived as an enemy of their gang and for the attempt to murder of a detective, events that occurred in both cases in 2021, reported this Friday and the Nassau County Prosecutor’s Office in New York.

Moralez, 21, known as “Little Chucky” (Little Chucky, as the sinister murderer of the film franchise) pleaded guilty on February 14 for the murder of Daniel García Carbajal, and for having pointed a loaded weapon at the chest of a police officer who stopped the vehicle in which he was traveling as a passenger.

“This dangerous individual will now spend decades in prison paying for his crimes, unable to cause further harm to the communities of Nassau,” on Long Island, (with a large MS-13 presence), prosecutor Anne T. Donnelly said in a statement.

According to the investigation by the authorities, on March 1, 2021, García Carbajal, 18, was contacted through social networks by another co-defendant in this case, who invited him to spend some time with some girls, after which he which he picked up in his car.

The victim entered a park with several people, including Moralez, where he was shot to the head and his body was found the next day.. The Prosecutor’s Office also indicated that García Carbajal was considered an enemy of MS-13, according to what he published on social networks.

The cases against co-defendants Tulio Ayala, Manuel Aparicio Gómez, Kevin Torres and Henry Canales for the death of García Carbajal are pending.

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March 15 was the incident in which Moralez threatened the detective, after which he was arrested.

The MS-13, was declared an international criminal organization by the US Government, It is responsible for the murders of several young people on Long Island in which they usually used machetes, a distinctive weapon in their crimes, and many of its members and leaders have been arrested.

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