22 years later: New laws signed to eliminate barriers to compensation for 9/11 victims | The USA Print

22 years later: New laws signed to eliminate barriers to compensation for 9/11 victims | The USA Print

While NYthe country and the world remembered this Monday the 22 years of the bloodiest terrorist attack in the history of the Big Applestate authorities signed Five laws to provide more support to victims of 9/11, to the survivors and their loved ones.

These legislations will help eliminate barriers and delays in the Victim Compensation Fund and in workers’ compensation claims.

The new state rule ensures that employers inform people who were in the exposure zones of Lower Manhattan and northern Brooklyn, between September 2001 and the end of May 2002about your rights to register for the 9/11 Victim Compensation Fund and the World Trade Center Health Program (WTC), which provide treatment to eligible people with diseases related to this attack.

The legislation requires that companies and institutions, to those who returned people after the attack, be notified of their possible eligibility for this fund. The State Economic Development agency and the Department of Labor will coordinate a plan to properly notify available benefits.

Additionally, it was announced that the names of two bridges and a highway will be designated for honor highly recognized people who contributed to rescue and reconstruction efforts.

A law names the “Bridge Police Officer of the Port Authority Pavlos D. Pallas”, located in East Elmhurst in Queens. Also a portion of the state highway system located in the town of East Fishkill will be called “Bridge Sergeant James G. Sweeney.” And a portion of State Route 11 between the cities of Islip and Smithtown will be called Steven J. Tursellino.” All in honor of officers who gave their lives to rescue the victims.

The governor Kathy Hochul signed these new legislations, while honoring the thousands of victims of September 11, 2001, in a ceremony where, in addition to religious services, the names, one of one, of the 2,753 victims identified so far.

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In addition, the state president was accompanied by the Vice President Kamala Harristhe attorney general of the State of New York, Letitia James, he Mayor Eric Adams and other federal, state and local elected representatives during a visit to the 9/11 Memorial Museum in Lower Manhattan.

“22 years later, New York remains committed to honoring the legacy of the lives lost and provide resources to victims and their loved ones”said Hochul.

Based on a report from WTC Health Program The collapse of the twin towers released a complex mixture of dust, smoke and irritating gases. In general, at least 100 physical and mental illnesses associated with contact with these materials.

22 years later: New laws signed to eliminate barriers to compensation for 9/11 victims | The USA Print
Vice President Kamala Harris attended the 9/11 Memorial alongside elected leaders and former mayors of NYC. (Photo: M. Appleton – NYC Mayoral Office)

Support volunteers more!

At the epicenter of what he already does more than two decades was a ‘pandemonium’ of death and pain, This Monday, hundreds of thousands of relatives and friends of the victims gathered in what has been converted into a memorial space for several years, which has the name of each of the victims engraved.

There, he attended once again, the US Army veteran, Germano Riviera, who on behalf of thousands of volunteer rescuers, He displayed an immense flag so that the City does not forget the “army” of people who lent their shoulder, without being part of any rescue body.

Germano had actually started working in the area the day before the terrorist attack.

And he says that he barely observed the disaster, He signed up for a volunteer rescue unit set up by a Jewish organization on Liberty Street.

But the veteran volunteer rescuer, who he says survived 26 surgeries on his body, he has six herniated discs and eight operations on one leg, regrets that he has tried to get medicine to treat an ailment in his left ear. and the insurance of which she is a beneficiary does not cover her. The drug costs $106.

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“I am here today to make visible the work of hundreds of volunteers, who must also be recognized. Just as the firefighters and the police left their hearts and souls, so did hundreds of veterans and civilians. And they deserve to be recognized,” he added.

The Navy veteran claims that 22 years after this attack, planned by sinister minds, national security must be reviewed, focusing on a specific point: The southern border with Mexico.

“It is incomprehensible that criminals who were deported are here again. Hundreds of people without any type of registration, pass and pass. And that is dangerous. In addition, they put a red carpet in some cities. I am not anti-immigrant. There are thousands of valuable people from all over the world who deserve to be here,” Germano stressed.

22 years later: New laws signed to eliminate barriers to compensation for 9/11 victims | The USA Print
Wanda Ortiz (In the center) was accompanied by her mother and her two twin daughters who were never able to meet their father. (Photo: F. Martínez)

“For my 22-year-old daughters”

Hundreds of Hispanic families attended this ceremony, for many reasons.

When the Puerto Rican Wanda Ortíz had her twin girlssix months later he had to face a terrible test of destiny: Her husband was on the 92nd floor of the South Tower, when at 8:45 am the American Airlines Flight 11 aircraft crashed into that building. Eighteen minutes later, United Airlines Flight 175 did so in the North Tower.

This Monday, Wanda, accompanied by her mother and her two daughters, attended the 9/11 Memorial ceremony, with whom they have grown up honoring the name of a father they could not meet, except through family photos and memories.

“We have not stopped attending. My twins who are the same age as this tragedy, 22 years old, have grown up with this memory of their father. “I come every year so they can learn from what happened.”added the Queens resident.

22 years later: New laws signed to eliminate barriers to compensation for 9/11 victims | The USA Print
Colombian Doménica López attended the Memorial with great pride to honor her neighbor. (Photo: Fernando Martínez)

“In memory of a friend”

To this year’s commemoration, Colombian Domenica López also attended. In his case, he came to honor her with flowers and hear the name of his neighbor in Woodside at the ceremony. who is on the extensive list of the deceased.

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“There have been more than thirty years of friendship with this family of Italians. The immediate mourners are very, very sick. They couldn’t come. From the first day they felt bad about this tragedy. And then they appointed me to come on their behalf. I do it with a lot of love and dedication”shared the immigrant who also worked in Manhattan, when the attack occurred, which she witnessed from a distance.

22 years later: New laws signed to eliminate barriers to compensation for 9/11 victims | The USA Print
Puerto Rican Blanca Morales lost her younger sister. Her remains were identified four months after the attack. (Photo: F. Martínez)

“They took part of NY from us”

For its part, Blanca Morales stepped on the monument again where he claims his sister’s soul rests Rosa María Feliciano, who was 31 years old when he suffered the misfortune of being working in a Marsh McLennan office in one of the towers, when the attack was perpetrated.

Rosa María’s remains were identified four months after the impact of the two planes on the buildings, which were the symbol of the financial power of the city of New York. And today it is an emblem of pain for hundreds of families.

“We are ten brothers. She was the youngest. I have always filled myself with courage to come, because it is not easy. Others of my brothers are still moved because they loved her too much, they have not had that strength. Her daughters, who are now older, also accompany us. This tragedy took part of New York from us. We continue today still fighting, to move forward“, commented the Puerto Rican with the face of her deceased sister printed on her shirt.

The data:

  • 1,100 human remains remain to be identified and they are stored in the National September 11 Memorial Museum, located right where the towers stood.

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