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I’inbound marketing is one of the most used strategies by digital marketing experts. To achieve this strategy on the web, the use of a landing page is a well-known technique for converting leads.

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In addition to the quality of the text and information, visuals play a major role when it comes to converting your Internet user. Here are 15 visual techniques to test as soon as possible on your landing page.

1. Write a catchy headline

It is extremely important to take good care of the title of your landing page since a title is always sought after by the Internet user. You therefore have this obligation todevelop a precise and concise title which informs about the subject of your landing page.

Work on your title so that it arouses curiosity in the Internet user.

2. Write an accurate description

Your description must shed light on the subject that your landing page deals with, by addressing key elements that will give a more or less oriented idea to the prospect. So she can approach a product, a brand, a service

3. Show your product in a real object

A 2017 study by Venngage found that the best converting Facebook ads were those where text was aligned to the left and images of real objects were used.

If this last characteristic is true for Facebook Ads, it is also true for your landing page. And is still relevant today.

You need to make sense of what your visitors are going to receive by allowing them to realistically view your product. For this, it should be inserted into a tangible object.

For example, you can represent your e-book in a computer screen or an iPad.

Real object landing page

4. Offer an interactive demonstration

One of the best ways to gain your user’s trust is to allow them to interact with your site. Wouldn’t you be more inclined to buy a product that you have been able to test?

Take the example of Monotype’s landing page. Here visitors can change the typography and get a real-time preview.

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This interaction allows them to have a clearer idea of ​​what they can expect from Monotype before engaging further with the brand.
Interactive landing page

5. Tell a story with illustrations

To create a serious and objective landing page, you will necessarily have to put an emphasis on the design of the page. Indeed, an attractive design can attract Internet users and push them towards a subscription or a purchase on your website.

Many brands are content to illustrate their landing page with visuals from image banks. Even if the result remains professional, it must be said that there is no originality.

To stand out and capture your visitor’s attention, try illustrations instead. This is a good opportunity to set up storytelling and help conversions.

If your industry or company culture allows it, you can even use illustrations to bring a touch of humor to your landing page.

6. Reinforce your text with icons

Icons are very useful for communicating an idea and can be used in two situations:

  • To allow your audience to quickly understand the subject of your text without having to read it
  • To reinforce or complete your text

Look for example at the WordStream landing page: the trophy reinforces this idea that thanks to the white paper visitors will be able to perform better and beat their competitors on AdWords.
Landing page icons
The icon also encourages Internet users to read the text to learn more about the benefits that the document can bring them.

7. Choose a contrasting color for your CTA

Your visitor already has a clearer idea about your subject, which gives him the right to act or turn back. It is therefore up to you to tip the scales in your favor to retain your visitor!

It is precisely at this level that you must implement your Call-To-Action. This is a simple button that approves or validates the expected action (“download your ebook”, “add to cart”, “contact us”…).

On the design side, there is no color deemed perfect for boosting conversions. On the other hand, for more efficiency, it is advisable to choose a color which contrasts with the rest of your page.

On Redacteur.com for example, the orange stands out from the blue background and thus attracts the eye of visitors.
contrast color landing page

To choose the color of your CTA, use the color wheel below and choose the shade opposite the dominant color of your landing page.

Choose colors

8. Show testimonials or reviews

Most people check reviews about you or your listings before they act. Your success depends closely on 80% of recommendations from other customers.

So remember to integrate one or more customer reviews or testimonials into your landing page that will give your visitor the confidence to take action.

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9. Differentiate your website menu

Many make the mistake of displaying their website menu on their landing page. However, this encourages the visitor to leave your perfectly optimized landing page for conversion!

If you absolutely must display a menu, remember to simplify.

10. Use video and its benefits

Texts are less and less effective compared to images and video in terms of conversion.

Use and abuse visuals and videos in your landing page! These will make it possible to highlight the advantages of your offer in a more playful way.

11. Use trust elements

It is trust that drives your visitor to action! So add reassurance elements to your landing page, such as the logos of your partners, customers and suppliers.

For your technical products, display your certificates and approvals.

Publishing documented, precise and relevant content on your landing page is also a guarantee of trust.

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12. Add directional clues

If the color makes it possible to direct the glance of a Net surfer, this technique is not sufficient. To improve your conversion rate and show your visitor where to click, you need to place directional cues through images.

These can be explicit (an arrow on a CTA) or implicit (a person looking towards your CTA).

Implicit cues

Eye-tracking studies show that the face is the first thing you look at in someone you don’t know. And this also applies to web design!

By inserting the image of a person, your visitor will certainly look at his face and it is precisely this area that must show directional cues.

To better understand, take a look at the Copy Hackers landing page.

The woman is positioned to the right of the text, her gaze is on the left side and her hands are close to the CTA. This simple image is very effective: it implicitly guides visitors’ eyes to the area where they should click.
Face directional index landing page

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Explicit cues

Much less subtle, the explicit visual cues clearly indicate to the Internet user where to look. This can be via an arrow or an illustration, for example.

On the Bear CSS landing page, the bear points to the call-to-action.
Explicit Directional Index

13. Humanize your landing page

Images of real people (not “models”) are very effective on a landing page.

As proof, MarketingExperiment conducted a study on this subject by comparing two landing pages:

  • one with a smiling woman
  • another on which was the photo of the founder of the company.

As a result, the founder’s photo generated 35% more conversions.

14. Reference your landing page

To naturally attract visitors to your landing page, don’t forget to work on your SEO! For this, you will need to optimize:

  • The Title tag : it takes into account the fundamental keywords of your subject to facilitate its understanding;
  • There meta description : it briefly describes the subject of your landing page;
  • THE headlines : they structure your text with titles and subtitles;
  • THE page code : choose HTML tags that promote the systematic identification of your content by search engines;
  • THE pictures optimized for the web (size, weight, format) and suitable for your landing page;
  • THE backlinks to and from other pages on your site, for better SEO.

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15. Test the landing page

The mechanism of conversion seems simple, but its application is much more complex than one might imagine. It is enough to change a single word to understand that it can have a real impact on your conversion rate.

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You therefore have a duty to analyze each element of your landing page to ensure conversion: images, text layout, colors, typeface

A/B test your landing page to identify which elements convert the best.

create a landing page

What is a landing page?

The landing page is a landing page on a website. It serves as a portal to welcome visitors or Internet users to your website. Most often, a landing page is not an ordinary page: it has a very specific mission and aims for a very clear goal, conversion.

The landing page is used in a policy of natural referencing, a Google Ads campaign, a commercial operation

What does the notion of landing page conversion hide?

For many people, the landing page is just another homepage. They ignore the main benefit of a landing page that follows best practices, namely, conversion.

Conversion is the actual achievement of your set goals. It can be:

  • A sale ;
  • A contact request;
  • A download;
  • A quote request;
  • Sharing ;
  • A subscription to the newsletter.

We generally initiate a Google Ads campaign following a very specific objective: either you plan to generate commercial leads, or to sell. And conversion is nothing but the culmination of this goal.

The conversion method via a landing page is simple. YOU attract prospects or Internet users to your website, then you convert them. In other words, you encourage your visitor to action!

The objective of your landing page must be well defined, as it is a determining factor in your lead generation or sales strategy.


Your landing page is a unique way to make a good impression on your visitors. Each element of the page must be thought out to capture the attention of Internet users and push them to action.

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