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ChatGPT here, ChatGPT there… Just one week after its launch at the end of November 2022, 1 million users worldwide have already tested it! But why is this conversational tool based on artificial intelligence (AI) on the rise?

1. What is ChatGPT?

This innovation relies on a language model trained by OpenAI to generate text on demand, using advanced artificial intelligence. The term “ChatGPT” is a combination of “chat” and “GPT” (Generative Pre-trained Transforme), which stand for “conversation” and “predictive language transduction model” respectively. Thus, this AI aims to simulate human conversations in a credible way. It can exchange messages and generate content from a “prompt” in several languages, including French.

2. Who are the initiators of ChatGPT?

The OpenAI company, founded in 2015 by Elon Musk and Sam Altman, specializes in the development of AI. She had first created a first version of GPT, the language that allows ChatGPT to give its answers, by interacting with human beings.

Over the updates, the model became ChatGPT, which stands out from previous versions by being able to converse with humans. The last version, GPT-4which can be integrated with the Bing search engine, represents a significant change for Microsoft.

Capable of providing a data set of billions of words, ChatGpt is a program that produces text, songs or recipes, poems and articles and even coding! It is also a machine learning tool, based on the GPT-3 architecture that allows chatbots to understand and respond to user queries as with a human interlocutor. The ChatGpt model allows chatbot developers to create systems that can interpret and generate conversations, even with complex data.

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To use it, create an account on the OpenAI site. Once logged in, click on “TRY ChatGPT” and start chatting with the AI. If the site is overloaded, wait for the situation to improve before you can chat with ChatGPT. Indeed, when too many people are connected at the same time, the site is saturated and the message “ChatGPT is saturated for the moment” is displayed in English.

ChatGPT was formed from a wide variety of text sources, including newspaper articles, film and television scripts, novels, and online conversations. This is what allows him to understand the context of a discussion and provide you with appropriate and coherent answers.

The program has the ability to adapt to a range of themes and language styles. This ability to understand context and generate compelling text makes it a tool increasingly used by some content creators, especially as its continuous learning allows for increasingly accurate and natural results.

6. What is GPT deep learning used for?

GPT uses deep learning to learn, designed to replicate the human conceptualization ability to distinguish things like cats and dogs. Like a child learning to identify a cat, GPT associates pictures or words with other pictures or words and is able to recognize things, even if they have different sizes and colors.

ChatGPT understands the instructions and processes your requests according to the data you provide to it. The answers it will offer you will depend on the information it has learned from the database it has.

Another useful feature that ChatGPT offers is the ability to copy overly long text and ask it to summarize it. You can even specify the number of key points, sentences or paragraphs you want to obtain. Thus, he can adapt to the details you give him during your conversation.

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8. What would be its advantages?

This powerful tool is capable of creating text using artificial intelligence. OpenAI has even succeeded in transforming its text editor into a real discussion platform, where a human being can request an AI to help him make a plan, come up with ideas, generate textual content, do coding, or solve problems. mathematical calculations.

It can therefore become a valuable ally for generating content for social media, but also for writing scripts for films and television series, or even creating chatbots for companies.

9. Can ChatGPT then replace the human?

Is ChatGPT a threat to content writers and creators? Will ChatGPT sign the end of blogging? Just compare the work of a human editor to that of ChatGPT, which is still stunning at first glance, you know… But looking closely, this tool is only informative, without emotion or research in-depth, and is therefore unable to produce quality texts to date. But let’s be on our guard, because AI is still in its infancy…

OpenAI launched AI Text Classifier at the end of January, a tool capable of determining whether a text was generated by ChatGPT or not. It gives the level of likelihood of writing by AI, ranging from Very Unlikely to Likely AI-generated.

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