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Good humor is at the heart of emailing trends! In 2023, your emails will have to adorn themselves with their finest finery, recall joy with beautiful colorful visuals and give hope in a context that promises to be quite particular…

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Hyper-personalization, empathy, values, automation and picture marketing invite themselves into your messages, to give a more authentic touch to your communication. Not to mention the artificial intelligence that is deployed in all marketing channels, including email!

Heading for the 10 major future emailing trends.

You already know the stats: personalized emails have a 6x higher transaction rate and they enjoy a 46% open rate.

In addition, 20% of consumers intend to unsubscribe from a newsletter whose content and promotions do not correspond to their interests. Hence the interest of pushing the personalization of your emailings to the maximum!

However, simply adding the recipient’s name to the subject line is no longer sufficient. Consumers are now looking for hyper-personalized, but also empathetic content that gives them relevant information related to their needs.

In 2023, we will have to rely on segmentation and dynamic content to meet these expectations.

How to personalize and add empathy to your email content?

  • Schedule automated emails the smart way: According to CoSchedule, the best time to send emails is Tuesday around 10 a.m. Start there, then test and optimize based on your own data.
  • Use dynamic content: the email must adapt to the actions and interests of the recipients. For example, if a customer buys a laptop, it is relevant to send emails containing advice on how to use it, but also the promotion of additional accessories: bag, mouse, headset, etc.
  • Name the recipient multiple times in the message, not just in the subject. It is essential to use “you” (or “you” if you are familiar with your target) as often as possible. For example, say rather: “you will save time” than “our company will boost your productivity”.
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2. Data protection

We have just said it: hyper personalization gives excellent results and is one of the essential emailing trends. However, to implement it, you must collect personal data, such as geographical location or user preferences.

Even though 73% of users are willing to share personal information to benefit from better experiences, they want guarantees on the use of this data.

Reassure them via your policy of use and data protection, but also put in place reassurance techniques, such as double opt-in for example.

By showing recipients that you want to be sure of their agreement, you send back a positive and secure image of your company. Moreover, this strategy ensures that you have a more qualified database.

This remains a timeless trend: consent is essential for sending newsletters. It is important, because a wanted email is an email received and read!

To be sure to have a healthy database to send emails to the right target, it is necessary, as soon as the email address is captured, to ensure the consent of the Internet user.

The double opt-in makes it possible to be certain that the Internet user is willing to receive your communications. The best solution for an effective double opt-in is to ask the user to enter their email address, then ask them to click on a link they receive by email. This double action confirms the interest he has for your brand, your company or your activity.

It is better to have fewer subscribers, but engaged Internet users, than a lot of emails and few interactions or unsubscribes and reports.

4. New rules in data analysis

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), like Apple’s Email Privacy Shield (MPP), and the upcoming phase-out of third-party cookies are forcing marketers to analyze their metrics differently.

If the open rate was a key metric so far, now is the time to change your analytical approach. Openness has never been synonymous with conversion.

If you want to optimize your email campaigns, focus on the following indicators:

  • The subscription/unsubscription ratio
  • The double opt-in rate
  • Clicks on email content
  • The email conversion rate
  • The return on investment of your emailing campaigns
  • Spam complaint rate
  • Acquisition cost per qualified subscriber

5. A colorful and positive design

If the texts are important to create a link, there will always be room for more promotional messages with captivating visuals.

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Besides, in 2023, people will need positivism and joy. What will go through the color.

Tell yourself that the graphics chosen for your emails will also influence their click-through rate. Color is great for evoking emotions and sparking action. Beyond the psychological aspects, a colorful design in your emailing boosts both engagement and conversions.

Review the design of your emails and get out of your comfort zone! For this, nothing better than a freelance graphic designer who can offer you templates that meet the latest trends.

6. Usable content as soon as you open it

Did you know that adding interactive elements can increase the click-through rate in an email by 200%? Creating animated and clickable content continues to be a strong emailing trend.

After opening your email, recipients expect you to meet an urgent need. They won’t remember your message later… you have to make them click on the opening to convert them.

To do this, bet on content such as:

  • A limited-date promotional offer
  • Useful tips followed by an action button that prompts you to put them in place right away
  • Entertainment: video, joke, GIF…
  • A survey with multiple choice questionnaire
  • A rating with a rating scale (with emojis or stars, for example)
  • A carousel of images to scroll through

Email is not suitable for long content. Typically, your client or prospect spends less than 2 minutes reading it.

7. Campaigns focused on brand engagements

If, until now, it was advised not to commit too much to avoid offending a part of its community, consumers have decided to shake up these codes. They now expect brands to loud and clear about their commitments, whether social, political or environmental. They recognize the importance of reinforcing their values ​​and getting involved alongside their audience.

So expect creative emails that celebrate diversity, inclusion, and strong causes. Beyond promotional campaigns, brands will launch calls for donations, surveys and purely educational messages to raise awareness among their audience. A strategy that will allow them to create a strong bond with their community.

8. Automation and artificial intelligence to optimize email campaigns

Artificial intelligence is everywhere! It is normal that it is also an emailing trend. His role is to help businesses build smarter marketing, to connect with consumers in the right way, with the right message, at the right time, on the right platform.

AI will therefore make it possible to:

  • Better predict performance such as email open rates.
  • Detect how often and when you should send your messages.
  • Produce more relevant content, whether it’s subject lines that inspire openness or copy that encourages action.
  • Check email address activity to determine relevant recipients and optionally remove obsolete or inactive addresses.
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Marketers will therefore have to learn to master and manage artificial intelligence to improve their campaigns.

However, manual campaigns are not dead, on the contrary! For effective emailing, you must keep an editorial schedule that includes all the major events of the year to create targeted and unique campaigns. Also, don’t forget to adapt your campaigns to external events!

9. Image marketing at the service of emailing

Picture marketing (or image marketing in French) uses visuals to create value with an audience. Given the importance of images to convey a message by arousing emotion, this trend will be strongly present in your emailing campaigns.

To respond to the picture marketing trend, use images that convey information quickly and attractively to your subscribers. This will allow you to connect in a personal way with your users.

Among the visuals to include in your emails, we find:

  • Graphics: very useful in your B2B emails to highlight a trend or results
  • Quotes : inspiring, they often invite sharing
  • Photos of happy people: whether or not they use your products, a photo with smiling people immediately sends a positive message and implies that your products bring joy!
  • Product staging: help customers and prospects visualize how your products fit into their daily lives…

10. User Generated Content arrives in emails!

Reserved above all for social networks and sometimes for the “testimonials” section of websites, User Generated Content (UGC) has landed in emailing trends. Consumers don’t trust other users like them more! In fact, 72% of them think that UGC is more credible than branded content.

So, these reviews illustrated with authentic photos necessarily have an impact on clicks and conversions. Do not hesitate to use this social proof in your promotional emails. In addition to being effective, this content is profitable since it is created directly by your customers, ready to use.

Our tip for setting up an emailing

There you go, you know more about what awaits your email strategy This year ! All you have to do is implement these best practices to boost the performance of your promotional emails.

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