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MidJourney, the text-based art-generating AI, already has nearly a million members. However, despite its popularity, it cannot substitute for a human graphic designer, especially for professional projects.

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In this article, we will explore ten alternatives to MidJourneyand define the advantages and limitations of this powerful tool to help you choose the best AI art generator.

The best alternatives to MidJourney

Midjourney is described as a research lab and the name of the lab’s artificial intelligence program that creates images from text descriptions, similar to OpenAI’s DALL-E.

There are alternatives at Midjourney for a variety of online platforms, for Linux, iPhone, Mac and Windows. Craiyon, which is both free and open source, offers a good alternative. Other excellent applications similar to Midjourney are Dall-E, Jasper or Wonder.

Dall-E: the best-known alternative to MidJourney

OpenAI has developed a model known as SLABcapable of generating artworks and visuals realistic from a textual description given in everyday language.

The software was named after Spanish surrealist artist Salvador Dali and the robotic character from Pixar’s film WALL-E.

This system produces modifications of the original image by collecting embeddings CLIP of the source image and passing them through a broadcast decoder. This approach helps to better understand the nuances that the model learns and those it neglects.

Jasper: an easy-to-use alternative to MidJourney

Jasper is an AI image generation software launched in 2022 to complement its AI drafting software. This product was set up to allow Jasper writers to create and own any image that they believe will add value to their content.

With Jasper, you can generate an unlimited number of images per month. It is easy to use for beginners. The tool allows you to export your images in high resolution. It offers many customization options like the ability to increase the size of your image before uploading it.

Moreover, the tool has a Jasper gallery where you can see the art work of other users.


One of the best alternatives to Midjourney is Simplified, which allows you to generate images from text prompts. The tool is based on the AI ​​models of Stable Diffusion and Dalle-E 2 to help you create artistic, hyper-realistic images or art AI.

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Also, you can add specific details, from color to style of images to get unique and impressive art. It also lets you generate many variations of the same image to see what happens when you change the prompts.

Simplified also offers to resize the images generated in the formats of social networks, and offers the possibility of adding text to them to be able to share them directly on your networks.

If you’re looking for a tool that lets you create highly detailed, surreal images using only text prompts, or want to share your creations on social media, Simplified is perfect.


Crayonformerly DALL-E mini, is a text-to-image generator created by Boris Dayma, originally for a coding contest. Craiyon’s AI model creates images by relying on statistical models it has learned to find connections between words and pixels.

The user is prompted to type a phrase in the prompt. He can then either press the orange pencil-like icon on the screen or press the Enter key on the keyboard and wait for the image to generate.

Although Craiyon is impressive in its ability to generate images, the algorithm struggles to discern requests that are abstract in nature. Also, the more complex the query, the less accurate the image is.


Lexica is an online platform where people can both search and view artwork made by a popular AI art model known as stable broadcast.

Its most notable feature is its search bar, where users can search for items that have already been used as prompts. This feature is very useful as it is similar to using an art generator, except it saves you time as the results come out immediately.

Lexica has indexed over ten million fine art images, but the difficulty is that the stable circulation model has grown rapidly, meaning that many of the works in its database have were created with earlier versions.

Dream by DreamStudio

dream is a new suite of generative media tools designed to give everyone the power and ease of effortless visual expression. The tool is based on a combination of natural language processing and innovative input commands, for accelerated creativity.

DreamStudio is a new AI system powered by Stable Diffusion that can create realistic images, art, and animations from natural language description.

Dream is a editor which allows you to create images. If you need images for a site, blog, book, poster, etc., it can be a great solution.

The downside is that each use costs points, which makes it a bit difficult to test it out for free.

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NightCafé is a notable AI art creation software that was released in 2019. It works by converting a written message into an image using a technique ofmachine learning.

The resulting image is then optimized by the same framework until it meets specific criteria and produces an image that can be used to visually represent the written request. Its preset effects, like cosmic and oil paint, help create an image in minutes.

Also, the app is free to use with some limitations. You can buy daily credits and the credit/subscription pack options are very reasonable. You can also purchase the AI-generated artworks from its website.


GauGAN2named after post-impressionist painter Paul Gauguin, creates photorealistic images from segmentation maps, which are labeled sketches describing the layout of a scene.

It turns any combination of words and drawings into a realistic image. It is a handy tool for those who want to create a wide variety of artwork.

For example, you can use it to create pictures from text instructions. You can also use the software to edit existing images in ways that are difficult or impossible with other programs.


The app wonder uses artificial intelligence to identify objects, colors and patterns in your photo.

She then creates a unique work of art from what she sees. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced artist, this application has a rich collection of templates that you can use to create your own art.

From still life to movie characters to famous landmarks, the creative possibilities are endless with Wonder. Best of all, using all of the app’s templates and tools is free.


Neural.love is an automated, cloud-based solution that makes media processing accessible to everyone through the web, API, or custom enterprise solutions.

Neural.love is an AI-powered online service to scale your videos to 4K, increase frames per second, and create slow motion.

This service improves the quality of images, videos and sound. If you work with portraits, it will allow you to enhance facial features. It also has a tool for colorization for black and white photos.

The best alternative to MidJourney and AI

Like any other technology that has developed, AI still has errors in many respects.

Even today, AI graphic creation tools show their limits when it comes to representing human anatomy or text.

AI may be able to take over some graphic design tasks, but it cannot replace a graphic designerbecause it cannot replace human creativity.

This view may evolve as AI tools advance, but for now, human designers are still needed to bring the brand vision to fruition, due to their ability to have insights and insights. different experiences.

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What is MidJourney?

The interactive robot MidJourney uses machine learning to create images from text. A bot is a program autonomous on the internet that can interact with systems or users. The program seems to take concepts and make them real.

The MidJourney robot will look for images that look like what you described and combine them in unique and artistic ways. What you get is more than just a composite, you get an entirely new creation.

You can create concept images, art in different styles, and bring your imagination to life.

How to use MidJourney?

The MidJourney bot works through the Discord server. Open Discord in your browser to use the program and follow the steps to create an account. In a browser, go to MidJourney and click on “Join the Beta”. Then accept the invitation.

When you return to the app Discordyou should have a MJ icon appearing to access the MidJourney workspace.

In the left column, you will see a list of chat rooms. Start in one of the Newbie rooms. Then, in the message box at the bottom of the page, type “/imagine”.

Your post can include topics, art styles, mood descriptors, and anything else. The combinations are endless.

Why use an alternative to MidJourney?

MidJourney AI is a powerful tool for creating artistic images. Just describe what you want to see and let the robot do the rest. But you can’t always anticipate what MidJourney is going to give you. The results are somewhat predictable with a large dose of randomness.

You can control the robot MidJourney to some extent depending on your ability to verbally describe what you want to see.

For many, this is hard enough. But you can’t always predict what the robot will render and the image can’t match 100% what humans can create.

Our tip for choosing an alternative to MidJourney

We’re in the midst of an AI revolution and to find the best software, you need to choose one that’s flexible and affordable, but offers a wide range of styles and features.

Humans will continue to use technology and AI in the creation of artwork and there may be new synergies and developments. However, the alternatives mentioned above exist to support the artists and not to replace them.

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