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For a few months now, we have been hearing more and more about content generated automatically thanks to artificial intelligence, as is particularly the case with the platforms Jasper, Writesonic, Closercopy or the now famous ChatGPT.

However, a controversy has emerged regarding apps and other software for AI content creation. And for good reason: if this solution is sometimes interesting from a marketing point of view, it does not replace the know-how of a professional writer.

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If you were disappointed with AI Jasper, here are the main alternatives to this software to generate text and images.

The Best Alternatives to Jasper for Generating Text

Today there are mainly five alternatives to Jasper for generating text. Focus on ChatGPT, Copy.ai, Redacteur.io, Simplified and Thundercontent.

ChatGPT: the best-known alternative to Jasper

Launched in November 2022 by a company managed among others by Elon Musk, ChatGPT quickly established itself as the benchmark for conversational agents with artificial intelligence.

It’s about a virtual assistance able to communicate autonomously with users. As such, ChatGPT makes it possible to answer questions, but also makes it possible to generate written content in response to a query.

The advantages of this “chatbot” are numerous. First of all, it is available in multiple languages, including French, and can generate content in a language that is particularly close to that of a human.

Added to this is the fact that this platform embeds features to reduce errors during text generation, based on reliable information obtained directly from the internet. Another big advantage: ChatGPT is, for now, completely free.

Copy.ai: a great alternative to Jasper

Copy.ai is a website equipped with an artificial intelligence whose main mission is to generate written content. Its operation is based on an algorithm to create content by entering certain keywords only.

The main advantage of Copy.ai is that it speeds up the content creation process by writing sales pages, newsletters, blog articles or even posts on social networks.

Only drawback: you have to subscribe to a paid subscription to have access to all the languages ​​supported by the site. Indeed, only English is included in the free version.

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Redaction.io: a French alternative to Jasper

Redaction.io is today the main french alternative to Jasper as well as Copy.ai. As its name suggests, this site makes it easy to write content for publication on a website or social networks.

Its operation is relatively similar to that of the Copy.ai platform: all you have to do is enter the targeted keywords and the site will generate your article. This is accompanied by a meta-title, a meta-description and various HTML tags (H1, H2, etc.).

Simplified: the multi-language alternative

Simplified is a free content and writing generator for creating blog posts, advertisements, product presentations or even social media content.

Its main advantage lies in the fact that it allows you to choose between a dozen different styles of writing, thus making it possible toadapt its content to his audience.

A free version is available to users, allowing the use of several dozen languages. Simplified offers several subscription levels to its users.

Thundercontent: the alternative to complete your texts

Less known than other content creation software and sites, thunder content now makes it possible to generate texts thanks to artificial intelligence. Like other content creation tools, Thundercontent relies on the keywords provided on its interface to create original texts without copying content or duplicate content.

Note that the features of Thundercontent allow you to adjust the length of the text. To this, the site allows users to start writing a text and let the artificial intelligence finish it, when faced with a breakdown of inspiration.

It then makes it possible to benefit from real help in the creation of content and to reduce the time devoted to writing texts and blogs.

The best alternatives to Jasper for generating images

AI software does not stop at the creation of AI content. Some specialize in the generation of images, thus making it possible to illustrate its articles or to feed its digital communication strategy.

While Jasper is best known for text creation, it now also offers image creation through Jasper Art. Back to sites and software acting asAlternatives to Jasper to generate images.

Midjourney: the most compelling alternative to Jasper

Midjourney is today one of the main research laboratories in the field of artificial intelligence. It is not surprising that one finds on his site one of the image generators the most successful today.

Nothing could be simpler in its use: just enter the image you want to obtain in the search bar. It can be a simple request, like: “rose fields with a farmer”. In a few seconds, the application generates an image corresponding to the keywords that have been entered. The site allows you to generate 25 images for free. To go further, you will have to pay!

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Dall-E: the most creative alternative to Jasper

Just like Midjourney, Slab is an artificial intelligence program for creating images from text and keywords. Today it is one of the programs offering the most creative renderings.

The strong point of this solution is that it allows you to choose between different rendering styles. It is for example possible to move towards a “photorealistic rendering”, towards an “artistic rendering” (painting style) or even towards an “emoji rendering”. Added to this is the fact that Dall-E allows users to reorganize, as an editor, the elements within the image thus generated.

Simplified: an alternative to Jasper based on Dall-E

Simplified, in addition to offering the generation of editorial content, also allows the generation of images. This application allows you to choose between multiple rendering stylessuch as the “cosmic rendering”, the “oil painting rendering” or even the “fantasy rendering” (more than ten renderings can be chosen).

The principle of operation of Simplified is relatively similar to Dall-E. In addition, this solution makes it easy to create logos, videos and even animations for companies and social networks.

Craiyon: a good alternative to Jasper

This software uses the same algorithm as that of Dall-E to generate images. For the user, this will undoubtedly be the most easy to handle. In effect, Crayon is currently the solution that embeds the fewest parameters and has the least functionality.

All you have to do is enter the targeted keywords to obtain an image that meets your needs in just a few minutes. Note however that the quality is not always there: the images sometimes suffer from deformations and other bugs. It is however an image generation solution completely free.

Dream by DreamStudio, the collaborative generation tool

dream from DreamStudio is a collaborative image generation project, which makes it a tool in continuous improvement. Its operation is relatively intuitive: all you have to do is fill in its keywords and indicate the rendering parameters of your image.

This solution stands out from other solutions by its subscription: indeed, the price of the generated image is calculated according to several criteria, such as the quality and size of these.

What is Jasper AI used for?

Jasper.ai is a tool for copywriting. In other words, Jasper is a robot equipped with an artificial intelligence allowing today to create more than 50 content models.

The use of this AI then allows an individual, a blogger or a company to generate blog articles, editorial content for social networks, images or advertising campaigns, without plagiarism.

The use of Jasper then makes it possible to reduce production costs (a blogger will take less time to write his articles), increase his SEO and traffic on his website, while overcoming insufficient content creation capabilities.

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Jasper AI is thus intended for web editors, SEO agencies, bloggers, but also content marketing managers. It makes it easier to integrate content into your website.

Why look for an alternative to Jasper?

Despite its many advantages, Jasper has some disadvantages. First of all, it must be understood that we are addressing an artificial intelligence here. This cannot, under any circumstances, replace the content produced by a human.

Added to this is the fact that the content created by Jasper is not free from faults or drawbacks. Indeed, Jasper’s texts are often characterized by the absence of structured plans and the images may prove to be of poor quality.

Also note that there are other alternatives on the market for content generation, such as rytr, anyword, frase or even xnumx.

Finally, it should be noted that the use of Jasper is not free, and the generation of many images and many texts requires large amounts of credits, and therefore a substantial investment that it is ultimately perhaps more interesting to ‘allocate to the services of a real SEO web editor!

The best alternative to Jasper: the human

If it is possible to find other alternative AIs to Jasper, it is essential to remember that the better option to artificial intelligence (and therefore to Jasper) remains the human. And for good reason: a professional will be more reliable when it comes to producing quality content that meets the requirements of his business.

The freelancer remains, still today, thethe main contact to produce quality images or write texts adapted to their needs. Especially since only a human will be able to understand and accurately identify the needs of his client and provide content accordingly.

Moreover, it is proven today that the content preferred (and therefore offering a better natural referencing) by Google remains indeed that created by a human!

Jasper can remain a point solution in content creation. However, only a professional will be able to provide a professional job.

Our tip for choosing an alternative to Jasper

Thus, today there are very many alternatives to Jasper in content creation. ChatGPT, Copy.ai, Simplified or even Dall-E allow you to create quality content for a price equal to or sometimes even lower than Jasper.

However, despite the new solutions and the advantages that artificial intelligence brings to content creation, only professional freelancers or a team dedicated to web writing or image creation will be able to provide quality content, adapted to the business or business needs.

Our opinion ? Turn to a freelancer or a professional, found, for example, on Codeur.com!

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