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The year is 2023. And the terrible AI ChatGPT has taken over the internet. After a fierce fight, she ends up standing proudly on the pile of still warm bodies of bloggers, web editors and infopreneurs. All fined. All we have to do now is update our CVs and look for a conventional job. Farewell to the joys of online entrepreneurship. It was nice. Jokes aside, this dark future is as likely to happen as seeing a goldfish one day travel through space. And I will show you why through this article…

A brief reminder of the facts

Alright, for those of you who have been living in a cave for the past few months, let’s recap what ChatGPT is.

A fabulous conversational artificial intelligence that would have the answer to everything.

She would be just as capable of writing a lazy student’s text commentary as solving a fourth-order differential equation or giving you the composition of your favorite tomato sauce.

A little more and we wonder if we would not hold the future Terminator there.

Its appearance is currently shaking the world of infopreneurship.

And for good reason, many people have experienced the arrival of this AI as cashiers have experienced the arrival of automatic checkouts.

Now, let’s analyze a bit what this potential competitor offers through the following situation.

Mr. Dupont, a football fan and player in an amateur club, would like to learn how to improve in his position as a central defender.

It is often on him that a good part of the team relies, because as the last defender, if he loses his duel with the attacker, the road is open to the goalkeeper.

So he’s under a lot of pressure.

Suppose he asks ChatGPT “how to improve as a central defender in football?” »

What do you think our awesome AI will say to him?

As I’m not afraid to give of myself, I tried for you, and here’s what happened:

As you can see, it’s cold, formal as can be, it doesn’t go into detail and…

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It sucks to read.

The biggest weakness of ChatGPT is the great strength of infopreneurs

Because if we analyze ChatGPT’s responses for a few minutes, regardless of the theme, the finding is the same.

It is informative and nothing more.

It’s as personalized and sexy as a Wikipedia page can get.

What do I want to tell you?

It’s that if you are one of those bloggers who are content to copy and paste information into their articles and products without empathy, without investing your reader, without trying to stir his guts, then yes, you must be afraid of ChatGPT.

Because what you do, ChatGPT does it faster and more efficiently.

Now, if you’re one of those bloggers who spend hours on their articles, who take time to do in-depth research, who do storytelling and emotion, then not much is going to change.

Because you are already used to having to release different and qualitative content to rise above the rest.

It’s the bloggers and marketers who post empty, cold content whose knees tremble at the thought of being replaced by an AI.

I want proof of this, so ask ChatGPT to write you a sales page for a course that teaches you how to invest in the stock market.

Do you know what he will lay for you?

Well, as I am frankly nice, I tried. See for yourself :

It is uplifting.

It’s befitting of the early years of blogging, where it was easy to sell via sparsely researched, soulless sales pages that seem pumped on top of each other.

Any web writer or infopreneur with a bit of experience can write you a sales page dozens or even hundreds of times more convincing.


The human brain, and therefore of the online entrepreneur, will always do better than an AI.

Take that ChatGPT.

Especially since we are going to address another equally important point that almost no online entrepreneur thinks about.

ChatGPT may hamper your SEO performance

But yes, you must have already heard of this oh so important concept for internet business.

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You know, this thing that allows you to better reference your website in the results of search engines (like Google Chrome, Edge or Firefox to name a few).

This thing that may one day allow you to find yourself on the first page of Google.

In short, three times nothing.

No, no kidding.

Now, let’s take a couple minutes and think about what Google wants.

Relevant and qualitative content that satisfies the person who launched the search.

How does Google recognize one?

It analyzes how long a person spends on your page.

The more she passes, the more points you earn.

It then analyzes whether the person stays on other pages of your site or leaves.

This is called the retention rate and the bounce rate respectively.

You understand that to please Google, you will have to increase one while lowering the other.

And how do we succeed?

Drum roll.

Thanks to quality, well-written content that sticks your reader to your text like the fly on the sticky note.

Exactly what ChatGPT is completely unable to do now and for some time to come.

It is therefore a safe bet that sites that will use ChatGPT will not be appreciated by Lord Google’s algorithm at all.

All the more reason to write your content and not feel beaten by an AI.

But not everything is necessarily to be thrown away in ChatGPT

Because if we have seen that ChatGPT is not ready to replace us (except for those who are already struggling with all the free and not very empathetic content on the Internet), it is on the other hand a formidable tool for certain tasks.

Suppose you sell basketball lessons on a dedicated blog.

You could type on ChatGPT “how to make three-pointers? and watch the answers.

Again, I bowed to the exercise.

No, no, don’t thank me.

So let’s see:

We can thus base ourselves on the points discussed to start an article.

But above all, go deeper into the subject.

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Bring in stories.

Put your pen there, your paw to you.

Let it have a soul!

There is also an excellent reference article by André Dubois from the TraficMania site on this subject ” How to use copywriting in a blog post? »

And you know what else is great about working like this?

It is that with luck, ChatGPT may even provide you with points that you would not have even thought of!

It is therefore an excellent tool to give you ideas for articles, or even infoproducts.

You could also use ChatGPT to answer your emails.

Because yes, dealing with your emails as a professional takes time.

Much of the time.

Too much time.

Time that could be used to work on a new product, a new article, to promote your content on social networks or to complete your accounts.

Why not even give yourself some well-deserved time off after all this is done?

You would think you were dreaming.

Now imagine if you could delegate part of your answers to ChatGPT which, for once, is fully capable of answering simple and basic questions.

Just save yourself the emails with the most pointed questions to answer them yourself.

I think that through this article, you will have understood that if you are one of the bloggers who do a good job and who attach great importance to providing content that engages your readers, you have nothing to fear. from ChatGPT.

On the other hand, its impact should not be overlooked in the sense that it is a great tool for generating content ideas for your business or even a valuable aid in managing your customer relations.

Make ChatGPT your ally, not your enemy.

Because yes, sorry to tell you, but you will have to continue to write your own content to develop your business!

ChatGPT is not about to replace us.

And that is rather encouraging.

And you ?

What do you think of ChatGPT and what will be its impact on French blogging?

Share your point of view on the question in the comments!

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