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Your income is peaking, maybe even falling? Do you think you have exhausted all the strategies to train your sales team when you do not feel that your company is exploiting its full potential? It may be time to call on a consulting firm to optimize your recruitment and your business methods…

The challenges of commercial performance

Business school graduates know the challenges of commercial performance within a company… in theory! However, few of us realize that it still has a lot of room for improvement and that it is a subject that is still poorly understood in practice.

In concrete terms, setting up reporting and dashboards is still rather vague, because 1 in 4 companies does not know whether the team has reached its sales quotas or not. According The Bridge Group and Aberdeen Group, the productivity of sales teams is also the main challenge for 65% of B2B companies. However, only 1/3 of salespeople reach their annual sales objectives, for several reasons.

If on the one hand, consumers are more educated than ever today with the plethora of information online, are less and less receptive and therefore more difficult to satisfy – in addition to the increasingly acute competition – d on the other hand, the performance of your sales team is not exploited as it should be.

Between writing emails, meetings, data entry, researching information and other time-consuming administrative tasks, salespeople actually spend only a third of their time on their main missions: commercial prospecting, sales and customer loyalty. clients.

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But you are not alone, as even the largest companies sometimes struggle to effectively plan, control and organize their sales operations…

The consulting firm, the outside perspective that can make all the difference

A true living force of the company, your sales team must be regularly monitored and trained to achieve its sales objectives. To give it freshness, an outside look can make all the difference!

Need to advance your sales teams? uptoo specializes in supporting companies on the commercial side, in particular on optimizing recruitment or their commercial methods. Specialist in sales and salespeople, this consulting firm helps managers to strengthen their sales in 3 areas.

Recruitment of salespeople

A great reason to hire an experienced consultant is that they can provide you with the recruiting support you need. It will bring real methods of qualification, research of needs, which you would never have suspected, but which really change the game.

Team formation

The main strengths of a consulting firm include its knowledge, expert skills and influence. Because he works with a variety of companies, he may have a much broader and deeper knowledge of business trends, market challenges, and new processes and technologies than internal employees. These are major assets for training your sales team in new sales methods in particular.

The modernization of sales methods

A problem faced by many companies is that their employees simply do not have enough perspective on the situation to spot inefficiencies. The consulting firm thus provides you with a fresh and unbiased perspective that can offer valuable insights and reveal opportunities that might not be obvious to those working within the firm. In this sense, it can formalize commercial processes 100% adapted to its business and modernize sales methods.

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You may know your business very well, but a consultancy gives you so much more. The consultant has the right approach to find new growth opportunities so you can sell more with higher margins, exceed quotas, close deals faster and at the same time recruit key talent more effectively.

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