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Notice to community managers! Are you a beginner or an expert? Never mind. Your objective is the same: to put in place strategies and techniques to animate a community on social networks. This training “Implementing a Social Media Strategy”, a module of the course certifying “Developing your activity with webmarketing” reveals all the techniques, but also offers you practical cases and scenarios to better master the subject. At the same time, to improve your knowledge, enrich your lived experiences, read these books on social networks and community management at least once in your life…

Youtubers – Create videos and millions of views on YouTube by Jean-Baptiste Viet (EYROLLES Edition, 2019)

In France, YouTube is the third most popular site and one of the ideal platforms to obtain greater visibility on the web. Jean-Baptiste Viet has understood this and has concocted this guide which offers advice for making quality videos. It will be useful for you to learn how to write your scenario, to know which materials would be adequate for your achievements and to find the best editing software. And that’s not all !web marketing training

From SEO to audience analysis to community management, the author reveals several tips on how to make your own YouTube channel known. In addition to helping you monetize your channel, he also presents the importance for companies to collaborate with Youtubers who can support them in their digital campaigns.

Samuel Bielka, experienced Community Manager, reveals practical information, illustrated by examples drawn from his own experience. You will discover effective tips to facilitate the management of social networks such as Facebook and Twitter and the active communication that results. Ideal for developing your business via social networks, not to mention that advanced techniques for better communication, information and benchmarking are developed there!

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And by focusing on the human dimension, Samuel Bielka shares another facet of community management.

Valérie March will support you in the efficient development of your business through social media. It is a must read to start a business or to learn how to juggle with social networks. Between expert advice and feedback, you will discover how to implement an effective strategy on social networks.

Between Snapchat, Pinterest, Instagram or even Vimeo, Dailymotion and YouTube… which ones to choose? How to use them? You will discover the social networks adapted to your activities, learn how to develop your community and have a return on investment… Un real asset in the implementation of an effective social media strategy!

Complete Guide to Social Media by Mathieu Chartier (First Interactive Edition, 2013)

This is another comprehensive guide to social media and use cases to better understand and optimize your social media strategy. You will find educational and detailed information on the typologies of social networks and how to use them to increase your visibility.

This guide will even help you get ahead of your competitors through competitive intelligence. Whether you are new to the field or more advanced, be sure to find tips to improve your e-reputation.

The Instagram guide: deploying a winning marketing strategy to boost your business on Instagram by Aurélie Moulin (Eyrolles Edition, 2020)

In the field of social networks, mastering Instagram, which has more than a billion active and growing users, is essential. Aurélie Moulin offers you how to make your business known and prosper professionally via this social network.

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She shares editorial strategies adapted to each type of business, in particular the creation of an active and loyal community. You will also discover tools, which she has taken care to test, to properly manage your activities on social networks and above all to optimize your presence on Instagram.

The Social Media Toolkit by Cyril Bladier (Eidtion Dunod, 2016)

This practical guide from Cyril Bladier offers more than 57 tools and methods to tackle all aspects of social media. Each tool is described in an educational way on 2 or 4 pages and illustrated by diagrams and business cases.

This 4e edition is focused on the best tactic to get closer to its customers through social media. She also discusses the appropriate strategies to better appropriate new platforms such as Periscope. You will also learn how to effectively use social networks to recruit or apply and what are the techniques for more effective marketing.

Social networks – Understand and master these new communication tools by Romain Rissoan (ENI Editions, 2018)

Here, Romain Rissoan is aimed at professionals who wish to develop their activity from social networks. To understand and master the communication tools of social networks, it allows you to start with theories and end with practice.

With a didactic and entertaining presentation, Romain Rissoan offers the necessary knowledge to become an expert in community management and social networks. It highlights the importance of mastering the most up-to-date tools for an audience that is even more fond of new things.

Thanks to this book by David Fayon and Paul Cordina, you will know how to federate communities on social media. The authors will walk you through creating an online presence for an organization or brand. Based on examples and interviews, its content focuses on activities related to the use of social media, the role of the community manager, the animation of a community and the evaluation of performance. It will allow you to think about the definition of the frequencies, hours, days of publication, the choice of messages and the social networks adapted to your targets.

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Essential for a better understanding of the importance of brand identity and corporate culture!

Written by Catherine Ertzscheid, Benoît Faverial, Sylvain Guéguen, this book is intended for marketing and communication managers as well as community managers. In this practical and easy-to-read guide, the three authors share their feedback and testimonials from users who have developed communities in various fields. They also focus on the tools to choose to develop an effective strategy.

It is also focused on media, music, politics, academia and agribusiness.

social media art by Guy Kawasaki and Peg Fitzpatrick (Diateino Edition, 2019)

Do you know Guy Kawasaki and Peg Fitzpatrick? These co-authors of the book are both professionals in the field of social media. Guy Kawasaki is part of one of the precursors of the Apple brand and also of corporate blogs. For her part, Peg Fitzpatrick is in charge of Canva’s social media strategy.

They share their knowledge and advice on the best practices to adopt to succeed on the different platforms. This book will help you develop your creativity on social networks and their inevitable evolution, whatever your professional environment.

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