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In 2023, social networks continue to be popular in France. In order to benefit from maximum presence and better engagement with users, it is essential to know which of them to juggle. Here are 10 social networks to absolutely use in France in 2023.

TikTok has 15 million users in France and more than a billion worldwide, making it the most influential application today. With approximately 21h24 per month of time spent on this platform, it is normal that influencers do not skimp on creativity to create short videos, generally based on humor, and which ultimately become impactful. Integrate it into your digital marketing strategy this year to increase your online visibility and your e-reputation.

Its “search for videos by hashtags” feature in particular currently earns it 37.6% of users. Hashtag challenges, another must-have feature on TikTok, also encourage users to get creative.

WhatsApp currently has 59.8% of users at a rate of 5h30 connection per month. An essential tool for communicating with customers and collaborators, it is especially appreciated for its ”discussion group” option. The sending of messages to several people at the same time and its guaranteed data security with “end-to-end” encryption are its strength. Great for confidential information!

A true interface between professionals and their clients, WhatsApp is suitable for arranging an appointment and staying in contact with your clients. And in addition to providing quick access to your business, this application also allows you to automate certain tasks.

To share photos and videos about your life or your experiences, good plans, advice, Instagram remains unbeatable in France with a rate of 58.6% of French people connected, at the rate of 08:36 per month.

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With around 23 million in France out of 2 billion subscribers worldwide, this popular platform remains very popular for its influencers. Instagram has also modernized with its Stories, its Real and its influencers, and has become a platform for entertainment, shopping and presentation of the ideal life.

Linkedln currently has more than 830 million members, including 23.8% of users in France. It is undeniably ideal for connecting to recruiters and companies, but also for applying for job offers. This professional networking application is effective for quickly forging links with professionals in their field of interest and increasing your professional network. Many French people are also connected there and share the career of their dreams there.

Pinterest is an incredibly popular platform with its 478 million monthly active users, including 28.1% in France. This visual search engine allows you to pin your own images in tables. Marketers are snapping it up to promote their brand and even explore products to buy in the “shopping” tab.

From augmented reality to all the photographs and designs shared by users, you can find the inspiration you need, but also share your pins. A very nice platform to increase your e-reputation and boost your brand image.

With over 2 billion monthly active users, YouTube is one of the largest social networks in the world. Almost half of the French are active there at the rate of 11h42 per month.

If your account has more than 10,000 or more subscribers, it gives you access to a bonus. This is the YouTube community, a discussion space that allows users to share and comment on content.

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Since 2016, the free social network Mastodon has established itself among users. With more than around 2 million “Mastonautes”, this free platform does not use advertising or algorithms: the publications are therefore displayed in chronological order.

In design, it is largely inspired by Twitter, but offers a more authentic and limitless experience with “toots” (instead of tweets). It also makes it possible to follow people and organizations, to favor (like) and stimulate (retweet) the messages of other subscribers.

Twitch has become a social media staple, with a massive following and a young, connected audience. Users can watch live transmissions, chat in real time, and interact with streamers. If you don’t know it yet, Gotaga (Corentin Houssein) is the most followed streamer in France, with no less than 2.8 million subscribers on Twitch.

Every day, more than 1 million French people connect to it to enjoy entertaining content, interact with streamers and participate in live events. With 140 million monthly active users, Twitch is essential today for sharing entertaining content, live chatting, and engaging with the community.

Clubhouse is the trendy app for startupers. It’s the perfect place to chat with entrepreneurs and startup industry professionals. With its enormous development potential, Clubhouse is the most talked about platform at the moment.

This audio networking application allows users to chat and share ideas. On iPhone or Android, you can sign up for the Clubhouse app to share your voice chats with a targeted group there.

10. The best for last… Facebook!

Finally, nearly 3/4 of people aged 16 to 64 with Internet access use the timeless Facebook. Meta has really been able to satisfy its subscribers on Facebook with 73.3% of people subscribed and active at 12:54 a.m. per month, in France.

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This list is of course not exhaustive. Do not hesitate to share in comment if I have omitted other essential social networks!

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