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The relevance of online marketing is increasing in all areas of the classic merchandise trade, including of course for suppliers and manufacturers of beds and accessories…

Bedding Trade Sector Analysis

The bedding trade is increasingly conquering the Internet: it is above all men who prefer this medium to configure, order and have beds delivered comfortably from their homes. As an important part of the huge furniture market, the bedding trade can sustainably benefit from this trend. Smart online marketing optimally positions your business against growing competition.

Buying beds and mattresses on the Internet

Already today, a large part of the target group also orients itself on the Internet when buying beds and mattresses. Before deciding on a supplier, potential customers carry out extensive research on the Internet: search engines quickly and efficiently provide an overview of the current offer, comparisons and trends. If you are not professionally represented there, your company ends up at the bottom of the list of results. However, experience shows that Internet users only go as far as the second page to obtain the information they need.

Growing interest in online bedding

However, enormous growth is to be expected in the future: more than 50% of French respondents believe that the bedding trade on the Internet will become as natural as it is already the case for fashion, shoes or accessories. Regarding the device used, online shopping in the bedding industry is changing differently from general trends, people continue to use a laptop or desktop computer to buy a mattress or a bed. The reason for this is probably that the decision to buy a bed is more carefully considered. The dimensions and characteristics of the offers must be examined and weighed. Of course, the price also plays a role, investments in beds are rather meant to last and are therefore made thoughtfully. Important conclusions can be drawn from this for the optimal presentation of your beds and mattresses.

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Interesting products to sell online

On Google Trends, you can check the search interest of relevant products in France over the past 5 years.

  • Blue: bed;
  • Red: mattress;
  • Yellow: bedding;
  • Green: pillow;
  • Purple: box spring.

The top 5 search queries in France by keyword

Based on the user search report, further proposals are compiled, i.e. in addition to the general request, Google provides specific search requests.

trend research bedding

In the previous graphs, we can see that many terms are searched with “emma” in search queries. This is obviously a branding advantage, since everyone is talking about Emma right now. Many users search for a known brand first, but there are still more targeted searches.

Prerequisites for a Successful Online Bedding Store

Users want to find answers to their questions quickly and efficiently, without having to go through complicated structures and deal with annoying functions. This leads to important characteristics that make an online store successful in the bedding business:

  • Optimum user-friendliness (e.g. clear structure, transparent information, convenient payment functions, clear forms);
  • Useful additional functions (e.g. favorites list, adjustable sizes and colors, search filters);
  • Seriousness, which creates trust (for example with certificates for optimal processes and an https site, customer reviews, clear conditions for delivery and returns);
  • Interesting and personalized communication with customers (e.g. a newsletter with current offers);
  • Instructive product descriptions (e.g. meaningful images with the different versions of beds and mattresses, concise information on nature, delivery times and conditions);
  • Extended services (e.g. delivery within 24 hours, assembly or dismantling and doorstep delivery);
  • A reference to seasonal events (eg Christmas, promotions, sales).
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The solid basis for smart online marketing strategies is always a comprehensive market analysis. In addition to the specific characteristics of the market itself, the competition and the positioning of the company play the decisive roles here. The quality of your online presence has an impact: hard-to-use websites aren’t visited long enough to actually close deals. Usability, loading times, but also functionality are judged critically by users.

Smart channels and instruments

Search engine optimization and marketing

Smart analytics tools also open up the potential to steer your online presence and campaigns in a targeted manner based on the most common search engine criteria. First of all, of course, we must mention Google. With over 92% market share, this search engine provides the criteria that must be met.

As the weighting of the different criteria, namely structure, content and relevance, changes regularly, search engine optimization and marketing are continuous processes. You therefore have the possibility at any time of reinforcing, stopping or redirecting the campaigns launched according to the results obtained. It is this particular flexibility that makes the potential of rigorous online marketing campaigns so complex.

Social Media Marketing and Bloggers

Social networks such as Facebook, Instagram or YouTube are particularly recommended for marketing a bedding store. They make it possible both to select relevant target groups and to disseminate information with considerable speed and efficiency. Additionally, you can generate customer reviews and recommendations and actively promote your bedding business with product reviews, experience reports or product presentations.

Videos have also proven to be an effective medium. Whether presentations, assembly instructions or care tips, here you have the opportunity to present yourself as a renowned bedding trade. Videos extend the length of time users stay on your website, which has a positive effect on rankings in search engine results.

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The social networks of your own site and bloggers specializing in habitat or bedding can help increase the reach of your site and create new sources of links (backlinks). It is important to establish personal contact with bloggers. In the home and living space, blogs are usually run by individual people.

Some blogs specialize in bedding comparisons like, Or For example. You can absolutely contact this kind of blog to offer them to test your products in exchange for an article or even pay them for them in order to increase the reputation of your brand.

You can also register on affiliate platforms like Awin, this will allow you to make yourself known and many blogs will talk about you in order to earn a small commission on the sale of your products.


Online marketing is about constantly studying the different trends that are emerging, evaluating these results and developing smart strategies based on them regardless of the sector concerned. You should therefore obtain important data on the markets and the various target groups, but also on the competitors.

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