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ChatGPT’s popularity has seen an unexpected meteoric rise with 100 million active monthly users, including French companies, since its inception. In January, 13 million unique visitors used the app daily. Faced with this massive use, OpenAI has launched ChatGPT Plus, to open up to the world, especially in France, since February 10. But is this professional version really interesting?

The extension of the pro version of ChatGPT is finally available in France!

Now open to other countries outside the United States, such as France, the extension of the professional version of ChatGPT should help OpenAI become more autonomous. However, its paid subscription does not mean the end of the free version of the tool. On the contrary ! It is thanks to the “Plus” version that Open AI will be able to maintain free access to the basic version of its Artificial Intelligence (AI).

On the one hand, this paid subscription aims to support developers and companies to create smarter, more engaging apps and services. On the other hand, the CEO of OpenAI, sam altman, pointed to further development of the tool, as an alternative to the Google search engine. Indeed, this paid and more powerful version is called to allow a wider use for research on the web.

In France as in other countries, OpenAI offers two different subscriptions: a free subscription and a paid subscription. The paid offer aims to support as many users as possible. At the same time, the free version of ChatGPT will remain accessible and will allow limited access to the features of ChatGPT Plus.

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The sudden craze for OpenAI’s ChatGPT has brought about a new, more targeted offer for better services from the artificial intelligence-based chatbot.

This premium offer of ChatGPT is accessible from a subscription. In France, the paid version of ChatGPT Plus is available for $24 per month, VAT included. This includes the monthly subscription cost of $20 plus 20% VAT of $4.

To subscribe to ChatGPT Plus, the steps to follow are simple:

  • First, you need to access the ChatGPT interface.
  • Then, by going to “Upgrade to Plus” in the options bar visible on the left, you can click on “Upgrade plan”.
  • Finally, fill in the requested information and click on “Subscribe” and you’re done!

For frequent use of ChatGPT, the subscription is an interesting offer. On the other hand, for specific activities, the free version could be enough. An advantage for individuals who will only use it at irregular intervals!

Why should we use it?

It should be noted that the tool ChatGPT Plus meets more business needs, but it can also be used by individuals who offer professional services. The benefits of this premium version are based on commitments that meet the real needs of its users. It’s about constant availability, accelerated response times, and early access to new features.

For all users of the application in France, this total of $24 monthly will allow you to benefit from three main features. It is about access to the tool in all circumstances, even during periods of high demand. This does not guarantee any queues, let alone “ChatGPT is at capacity right now” notifications during peak hours!

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The paid subscription also allows a unlimited access to all features, including the ability to customize the system and its integration with third-party services. It also offers tutorials, APIs and libraries for developers to facilitate the development and deployment of applications.

Besides that, ChatGPT Plus offers a priority access to new features to come. This formula is therefore interesting for companies and intensive users. This offer also gives you the possibility of accessing a dedicated customer service, practical if you encounter problems or have questions! Finally, you will benefit from expert support that will help you make the most of all the advantages of ChatGPT Plus.

Additionally, OpenAI posts updates on its blog and on Twitter to notify developers about new features and changes to ChatGPT Plus.

By accelerating the deployment of ChatGPT Plus, OpenAI intends contribute to the development of professional activities in a more efficient and faster way. In France, it could change the production system of companies in France.

Some optimists see the use of ChatGPT Plus more as a major factor that can contribute to the creation of new job opportunities. However, there are still concerns that the chatbot could replace many employees in favor of artificial intelligence.

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