Artifact, a new AI social network from the co-founders of Instagram, is launched! A promising platform? | The USA Print

A few days after its launch last February, Artifact, the new baby from the creators of Instagram, is starting to get people talking. This new AI social network dedicated to news, created by Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger, promises to be revolutionary…

A new smart application to get informed

Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger, these names are surely unknown to you and yet these tech whiz are among the creators of an application that you surely use daily, Instagram.

Their latest toy? Artifact, the “Tik Tok of text”. According to a post by Krieger, it comes as “a personalized news feed guided by next-generation artificial intelligence”.

In concrete terms, its principle is simple: create an information reader that automatically aggregates news sites. The selected content can thus be set aside for later reading, and will be ordered according to your favorite topics.

An algorithm full of promise

The algorithm is the heart of Artifact, as it aims to offer the most suitable content for each user, via an artificial intelligence-based news feed.

Like TikTok, it works according to the interests of the user, and at the same time combines the strength of recent tools based on artificial intelligence like ChatGPT or Dall-E, as well as machine learning.

On the practical side, its interface is very sober and simple, for better ease of use. Moreover, you do not have to create an account to use it unless you want to save your preferences or your themes.

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Once on the platform, the program will ask you for your favorite topics and aggregate the content(s) accordingly. The main “Headlines” tab offers a news feed sorted according to the subjects of your choice, such as the New York Times or the Washington Post, the application being currently distributed in the USA only.

A mix of TikTok, Facebook and Google News?

In addition to TikTok, there is also an air of Facebook with its thumb turned down to signify that you dislike content. Plus, you’ll be able to add your address book to see popular items from people you know. Simply adding a contact list will create a special group for the user and followers, while highlighting the most popular content within the circle.

In addition, a subscriber will have an overview of the publications and comments made by those he follows. Personal messages will allow him to discuss the latest news with his friends.

Artifact wouldn’t it also make you think a bit of Google News? You will indeed be able to subscribe to specific topics and news sources and at the same time personalize the contents of the section.

An application at the advanced experimental stage

For now, this free application is available on Playstore and Appstore, is at an advanced testing stage. It will nevertheless be necessary to wait some time before being able to extract the marrow from it, because the fact that it is entirely in the language of Shakespeare makes it less attractive for the French market.

Doesn’t this remind you of Apple News? This application and a widget for iPhone, iPod touch, iPad, Apple Watch and Macintosh offered by Apple, has never been accessible to the French public due to disagreements with the French press. Instead of a complete application, it is content with a “widget” with a selection of only five or six articles.

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But Artifact has a great chance of one day becoming one of the world’s premier sources of information. This artificial intelligence can therefore pose a threat to TikTok and its content recommendation system, but also to Twitter as an information tool and communication service. While many users are disappointed with the direction Twitter has taken since its takeover by Elon Musk, the launch of Artifact could indeed be a new opportunity to seize…

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