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Retraining is an important step in the professional life of individuals, which is becoming more and more democratic. Indeed, many employees say they are dissatisfied with their job, and by extension want to change jobs. Last year, the turnover rate in companies reached its highest level in almost two decades. If you are interested in the digital and digital professions and in new information and communication technologies, training in digital marketing adapted to retraining is probably the solution. Explanations in this article…

Digital marketing: a key transversal sector for all economic activities

Since the digital revolution and the advent of new information and communication technologies, many companies in all sectors of activity are reviewing their business model and making a digital transition. In this context, digital marketing professions have experienced phenomenal growth because they have become essential in the vast majority of industries. It is therefore a solid, omnipresent and essential sector, ideal for people in a situation of retraining. Digital marketing professionals can work directly in the company with specific needs, or for a specialized B2B structure that provides its digital marketing services to other companies.

Resistance to the crisis, high salaries: an attractive sector

The digital marketing professions remain very promising despite the COVID-19 health crisis and the current economic context marked by a global inflationary phenomenon, situations to which the sector has resisted very well. Since he is doing well, there are many job opportunities and high salaries. This is, among other things, what makes digital marketing professions attractive jobs for people in professional retraining: they do not encounter any particular difficulties in finding a job after their training, and generally occupy well-paying positions quickly. The very positive trend is still on the rise at the start of the year: a general salary increase of 7% is also expected for 2023, an increase of almost 20% for key positions and experienced profiles, depending on the employing companies.

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Digital marketing: a wide variety of professions

The second advantage of digital marketing, for people in a retraining situation, is that it brings together a large number of different professions. Whatever your appetites and desires, it is possible to find a job that suits you in digital marketing. Here are some examples of jobs likely to suit very different profiles of people in professional retraining:

  • The Digital Project Manager supports companies in their digital transition by providing them with advice and expertise, he manages digital projects by working with the teams of the host company.
  • The Data Scientist, essential for strategic decision-making, is a professional in Big Data and complex data analysis.
  • THE Web developercomputer technician or engineer, specializes in computer languages, coding and editing websites.
  • THE Community Manager is a communication expert whose mission is to represent the company, particularly on social networks, by ensuring a continuous online presence and by managing the Internet community.
  • The SEO consultant is responsible for the natural referencing of websites on search engines, thanks to netlinking methods and the production of quality content.

Training in digital marketing professions

As the sector is by nature at the forefront of technology and innovation, there are many training solutions for working in digital marketing. In a retraining situation, traditional university courses are to be avoided because, time-consuming, they absolutely do not correspond to the personal situation of an active person. Fortunately, more suitable training exists, such as that offered by the French School : entirely achievable online, short, condensed (it takes a few months) and certifying, it allows training in digital marketing professions in a very suitable way for people in retraining. In addition, training recognized by the State or professionals in the sector are generally eligible for public training aid such asIndividual Training Assistance (AIF) and the Professional Training Account (CFP).

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