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In January 2023, ChatGPT alone had almost 12 million daily active users, and around 100 million active users in just two months! No wonder tech giants are now embarking on a mad dash for Artificial Intelligence. After Google, Facebook, Snapchat has just hit hard by announcing its new gem: a chatbot based on the latest version of GPT from Open AI…

Snapchat launches My AI, an Artificial Intelligence à la ChatGPT

On February 27, Snapchat surprised the world by unveiling “My AI”, which as its name suggests, is a conversational AI with the latest version of the GPT model from Elon Musk’s famous company OpenAI.

This feature should bring a breath of fresh air to the photo and video sharing app, which seeks to renew itself at all costs.

According to an official press release, My AI would have several capacities namely “recommend birthday gift ideas for your best friend, plan a hike for a long weekend, suggest a recipe for dinner, or even write a cheese haiku for your cheddar-obsessed friend ”.

It was therefore designed to represent a virtual friend for the user, interact with him and meet his needs. To top it off, this chatbot gives you the option to customize it. Thus, you can change its name and change the background of the chat stream, as you wish.

My AI, would it be the ChatGPT clone?

My AI uses the same concept and language model (GPT) as ChatGPT. Their objective is therefore the same: allow chatting with an AI, as if speaking with a human being. My AI can even be considered a mobile and fast version of ChatGPT.

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The difference between the two ? Snapchat’s AI has been trained to abide by its trust and safety guidelines. My AI is therefore more restricted in its response capabilities, compared to OpenAI’s chatbot.

Also, any swearing, violence or sexually explicit content is banned from the answers offered by the chatbot.

An AI in experimental version

Like ChatGPT, My AI is not yet a complete product and still has some bugs in the answers it offers. On this subject, Snapchat would like to recall the experimental nature of its chatbot, which is why it is still reserved for a handful of users.

She spoke in particular about the possible flaws that may occur within My AI:

Like all AI-based chatbots, My AI can be prone to hallucinations and can be tricked into saying just about anything. Although it is designed to avoid incorrect, harmful or misleading information, errors can occur.

Snapchat plans to continually improve this feature by counting on its users to use it massively and report any inappropriate responses.

On the other hand, she recommends users not to send confidential information to My AI, as all conversations within the chatbot will be stored for review to perfect it.

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