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You have been looking for a feature for a long time that could consolidate both your Instagram, Facebook and Messenger account in one place. Good news ! Meta Accounts Center, Meta’s centralized hub, is updated with exciting new features…

Like any good community manager or social media manager, you must use community management tools to save time and be efficient. At Meta, you’ll be even more spoiled, as the company recently updated the Account Center to manage your preferences across all your Meta accounts from one centralized hub.

This will allow you to access some settings for all apps from a location called Meta Account Center. This centralized hub is in every app, but it will also allow you to control settings for Meta’s other apps.

Several existing settings will be moved to Meta’s “Accounts Center” feature, which was first launched in 2020. But since then, this feature has improved significantly, as the changes will see Meta move settings related to personal information, passwords password, security options and advertising preferences to this area, which is accessible from the Settings page of each application.

With the update, you’ll be able to make choices about your data that are more consistent across platforms. For example, you can set your ad subject preferences for Facebook and Instagram in one place.

In addition to the moved settings, Meta updates user activity data from Partner Control, now calling this Advertising Partner Activity Information. This will allow you to see how your activity is sent to other websites and apps to power ads.

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Better ad targeting

Other major changes: You’ll better understand your options regarding ads served by Meta on other websites and apps. At the same time, you’ll be able to better personalize your experiences, including options that allow subscribers to see fewer ads that don’t interest you.

Meta is also updating its ad settings and controls along the same lines, bringing more manual input into your experience.

In terms of ad targeting, this will give you more power to dictate what ads are shown to you and how your data is used in Meta applications.

More influence on the user experience

This is an update, very practical, will allow users to have more influence on their experience. Meta says these changes began rolling out on February 19, 2023, and will gradually roll out to everyone with connected Facebook, Messenger, and Instagram accounts “over the coming months.”

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