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Last year, Instagram more than hit hard with the Reels. These short and entertaining vertical videos (of the TikTok type ultimately) generate 22% more engagement compared to traditional videos on the social network. Les Reels also means more than 45% interaction on Instagram accounts at least once a week. To continue in this momentum and generate commitment, Mark Zuckerberg presented a new feature which is also likely to be a hit this year…

Instagram launches Broadcast Channels

Instagram Broadcast Channel (French broadcast channel) is a direct line from creators to subscribers. As a creator, you will be able to create a new space to present your latest news, but above all communicate directly with your subscribers… a bit like Clubhouse or Twitter spaces!

A little preview ?

It is no longer about dialogue and 1-to-1 communication, like what is done with Instagram Direct, for example.

You will be able to send text messages, voice notes, pictures, videos, and polls directly to your subscribers’ inbox just like a normal message, except that this content will show up separately under the channel name.

All the content thus remains in the broadcast channel and is not broadcast publicly, in order to ultimately have an even more accessible communication.

If you usually post a story to share news and updates with your followers, then this is a more direct way to engage with your fans.

In the coming months, Instagram also plans to add more features to broadcast channels, such as the ability to bring another creator to the channel to discuss upcoming collaborations and collect questions.

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To create a broadcast channel on Instagram as a creator, the steps to follow are quite simple:

    • Tap the arrow (Android) or the Messenger icon (iOS) at the top right of your feed;
    • Tap the compose button in the upper right corner;
    • On the next screen, tap » Create a Broadcast Channel”;
  • Then enter a ‘ Channel name ‘ and press ‘ Create a broadcast channel‘.

When you send the first message on the channel, your subscribers will receive a notification with a » Join “, which adds them to the string.

You can also unsend a message, edit the channel name, or even delete it, much like regular chats. Additionally, you can add the channel link to your Instagram story by tapping » Share on the story at the top of the channel, and even to your profile bio.

On the subscriber side, the steps are also very simple:

  • Go to the creator’s Instagram stories and find the broadcast sticker option;
  • Tap the “Join Broadcast Channel” button (if someone isn’t following the creator, you’ll get an invite to start following them). The broadcast channel will then appear in your Instagram inbox alongside other message threads;
  • Once in the broadcast channel, you will be able to vote on polls or react to content, but you will not be able to comment and send messages.

Not bad is not it ?

For now, Instagram started testing channels with select creators in the US on February 16, but it already plans to expand the feature across the world soon. And since good news never comes alone, Meta also mentions that broadcast channels will be coming to Messenger and Facebook “in the coming months”!

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To be continued

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