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Have you decided to radically change your digital marketing strategy to boost your business? Have you considered online advertising? Better yet, have you considered advertising on Facebook? There is indeed no better place to start than on this platform. Facebook Messenger, Facebook Marketplace, or just the Facebook homepage easily attract users. An opportunity not to be missed! But what types of advertisements should you choose to get started?

Today, Facebook advertising is essential: 93% of social media marketers use it… just that ! Additionally, ad revenue increased by 51% ($7.86 billions) in 2017 compared to 2016, and reached $114.9 billion in 2021 due in particular to an increase in time spent on Facebook and a steady growth in the number of users, especially on mobile.

Other interesting data: if the average organic reach of a Facebook post is 5.2%, the average CTR of Facebook ads is 0.90% in 2022 according to MarketingManagement.

Advertising on Facebook consists of a sequence of advertisements or sets of advertisements designed to achieve one or more objectives. These goals may include driving sales, increasing traffic to your store or website, raising awareness of an issue of public interest, or increasing app installs.

Depending on your goals, a Facebook marketing campaign calls for a series of advertisements.

But beyond the notable success of Facebook Advertising, the social network continues to expand its offer.

You have indeed:

  • Facebook Marketplace: Where you can engage in Etsy-style peer-to-peer selling without the fees.
  • Facebook Shop or Facebook Shop: where your Facebook audience can shop on your fan page and from which your dynamic product ads are pulled, as well as your Instagram Shopping catalog.
  • THE advertisement Facebook dynamic retargeting: Where you can retarget users who landed on your site with similar products to what they viewed. Here, Facebook uses an algorithm to pull products from your feed with the highest engagement.
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But back to the type of Facebook ads.

facebook advertising

1. Image ads or photo ads

Facebook image ads, or photo ads as some call them, feature a still image and a call-to-action (CTA). They are some of the most common types of Facebook ads you will come across because they are the simplest. A single image can capture your attention next to a title and description. But although simple, they are very useful for promoting specific promotions or items.

2. Video ads

Video is essential in marketing today. This is also widely discussed in this training “Implementing a Social Media Strategy”, a module of the course certifying “Developing your activity with webmarketing”.

Facebook searches revealed that people spend about 5 times more time on videos than on “static” content like text or images. This is especially true in the age of Reels, where users can (and do) scroll through countless hours of video in their spare time.

So when you talk about Facebook advertising, think about that first. This type of ad can appear in News Feeds and Stories. It can even appear as ads in longer Facebook videos. However, keep in mind that video content tends to be more expensive and more complicated to produce at scale.

3. Carousels

Often overlooked, carousels give you more creative space to add up to 10 videos or images in a single ad, each with its own link. Perfect for telling stories that grow with each card! It is also the ideal format to promote product catalogs because of the increased interaction they allow.

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4. Slideshow

When we talk about carousels on Facebook, we also often think of slideshows, because they are quite similar. Easy to create, affordable and yet with the same impact as videos, only more affordable, they allow music and text to be layered to tell great stories that work on all devices.

5. Instant Experience Ads

Instant Experience Ads (formerly Canvas Ads) are full-screen, mobile-only ads based on the vertical layout of a phone.

Instant experiences encompass many of the features and capabilities of other Facebook ad types: users can view images, watch videos, browse carousels, click on tagged products.

Very fast, they offer impressive loading times (up to 15 times faster than standard pages), thus guaranteeing no loss of customers due to a bad connection.

facebook advertising

As a marketer, choosing the wrong medium, location or even image can be the difference between a successful Facebook campaign and a wasted budget! If you are still groping, this is normal. We’ve been there. But don’t forget: Facebook is one of the largest social platforms in the world, with nearly 3 billion active users, and several of the most robust targeting options for advertisers. Despite the diminishing returns of Facebook ads, skyrocketing costs, and targeting challenges, it’s still an important channel to consider.

So, to start advertising on Facebook, start gradually, test these different types of ads, measure the results and start again, start and start again… Over time, your hard work will pay off!

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